About Us

About Us

A company specialized in the fields of investment and real estate consultancy in Istanbul - Turkey, with a professional and expert team, where we work with very high transparency and guarantee our customers a distinguished real estate experience, we focus our attention on foreign real estate investors who wish to own property in Turkey by dealing with a group of reputable real estate projects And trusted with the guarantee of the Turkish government.


Company Overview :

MBANY Real Estate Company is one of the leading companies in the real estate sector. It was established in 2016 with a primary idea of providing high-quality and distinguished real estate services to our valued clients. Thanks to our commitment to the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and service excellence, we have achieved significant success in the real estate market and built a strong and trusted reputation in this field.

Our Services :

MBANY Real Estate company offers a comprehensive range of real estate services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including :

1- Buying and Selling : We provide services for buying and selling properties of all types, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, with the assistance of our specialized team who offer advice and guidance to ensure the best deals for our clients.

2- Property Management : We offer property management services for our clients' properties, including leasing, management, and maintenance at the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

3- Real Estate Marketing : We market our clients' properties using the best available advertising methods to secure the best offers and suitable clients.

4- Real Estate Consultations : We provide real estate consultation services to assist our clients in making informed decisions in the field of real estate.

Why Choose Us :

MBANY Real Estate company stands out for several factors that make it your best choice in the real estate field, including:

1- Outstanding Team : Our team consists of a group of professionals and experts in the real estate field, who possess the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best services to our clients.

2- Excellent Service : We are committed to providing high-quality and excellent services to our clients by continuously improving our work methods and developing the services we offer.

3- Diverse Offers : We provide a variety of real estate offers that suit the needs and desires of our clients, whether they are looking for residential apartments, villas, or commercial offices.

4- Transparency and Honesty : We prioritize transparency and honesty in dealing with our clients, providing them with all the necessary information and details clearly and honestly.

5- Real Estate Consultations : We offer our clients professional consultations and advice in the real estate field to help them make the right decisions according to their needs.

6- Professionalism and Credibility : We ensure professionalism and credibility in all the transactions and services we provide, making us the optimal choice in the real estate field.

Privacy Policy :

MBANY Real Estate Company relies on the principle of security and protection of privacy, so the protection of customer information and site visitors is a priority for the company, and since we allow site visitors to add their data and contact information with their full approval and the purpose of which is to answer your questions and inquiries, we assure you that this data is private data The customer alone, and we pledge not to publish, share, sell, or barter any data from it with a third party, and for this, the privacy policy statement explains to you how to use this information, and what information its data is saved on the MBANY Real Estate Company server.

1- The date of the site visit.

2- Your IP address

3- The type of device and browser you are using.

4- The address of the external website through which you were referred to us.

MBANY Real Estate Company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the information privacy and confidentiality policy if necessary, and you will be continuously notified of the data we have obtained, how we will use it, and who we will provide with this data. For any inquiries or clarifications, we are pleased to contact us at [email protected]

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