Eyup Sultan district in Istanbul

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Sultan Ayoub district, or as it is known as Old Istanbul, is one of the most famous and distinguished areas in Istanbul and is located specifically in the center of the European part of Istanbul on the western side of the Golden Horn Bay and extends to the shore of the Black Sea. Sultan Ayoub is a charming district in Istanbul that was established after the conquest of Constantinople, and it was the first Ottoman Turkish district outside the walls of Istanbul on the western side of the Golden Horn. It is home to many Christian churches and Islamic cemeteries. It acquired its name "Ayyub" due to the presence of the shrine and mosque of Sultan Abu Ayyub al-Ansari in it, which is an important tourist attraction in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, as the region is crowded with Muslim visitors from all over, specifically during Friday prayers and during the holy month of Ramadan. The area is distinguished on Friday, as the sounds of Ottoman music and lively activities spread around the mosque, and in the holy month of Ramadan, tents are erected in Ayoub, specifically in front of the mosque, where food is served in the evening to break the fast. In addition to all this, Ayoub attracts tourists thanks to the cable car, which is 384 meters long and 55 meters high, which is a means of transport from the shore of the Golden Horn Bay, to the most famous outdoor café, "Pierre Loti" Café, which was named in the nineteenth century after the French writer. "Pierre Loti", who wrote two novels about the story of his presence in Istanbul, and through the binoculars installed at the top of the hill, visitors see the most prominent landmarks in Istanbul such as the "Galata Tower", "Sultan Ahmed Mosque", "Hagia Sophia Mosque", and "Gulf Bridge". , and “Sultan Ayoub Mosque.”

The most prominent landmarks of the Eyup Sultan area

  • Axis Mall: one of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul, it includes many international stores and brands, and many restaurants, cafes and cinemas
  • Vialand Tema Park: Here you can enjoy more than 50 games suitable for all ages, as it is considered one of the largest amusement parks in Europe
  • Ayoub Sultan Cable Car: Through it, you can visit the magnificent Pierre Loti Plateau, and enjoy the most amazing views from the top, with a full view of the Golden Horn and the Gulf.
  • The Mosque of the Companion Abi Ayoub Al-Ansari: The mosque is one of the most important religious monuments that tourists from all over the world flock to. Ayoub

Transportation in the Eyup Sultan area

  • O1-E80 highways pass through the Eyup district and connect other areas of Istanbul with the Eyup Sultan district North Marmara Road, which runs north of Eyüp Sultan near the Black Sea coast
  • Metrobus: Ayoub Sultan area also contains rapid bus stations
  • Metro: also that facilitates and speeds up movement in the city
  • Tram: It also contains several tram lines
  • Sea ferries that connect the region with the Asian side, passing through the charming Bosphorus Strait

Eyüp Sultan is about 8 km from the famous Taksim Square, about 5 km from the historical Fatih district, and about 5 km from the famous Eminonu commercial area, as it is an area that mediates most of the vital areas in Istanbul.


Advantages of Ayoub Sultan area for housing and investment

  • The area is considered one of the most important family areas in the city, due to the large number of service facilities in it, the presence of a coast on both sides, and the containment of several distinct public parks, so it is an ideal place for family holidays
  • The Islamic and conservative character of the region, which gives peace and tranquility to those who live there
  • An area with promising residential and investment projects, with a modern architectural character
  • Its geographical location is close to the most important areas of Istanbul
  • Advanced infrastructure available
  • The presence of many Arab and international schools, such as Zinda Private School, which adopts English and Turkish languages
  • Its proximity to the most famous universities in Istanbul, such as the Gulf University, Ivan Saray University, and Cerrah Pasha University
  • Its proximity to Istanbul International Airport and Sabiha International Airport
  • Availability of many international shopping centers
  • Sultan Ayoub is characterized by the presence of many international and local hospitals
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