Izmit in the state of Kocaeli

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The city of Izmit is the capital of the state of "Kocali", located east of Istanbul, about 100 km away from it, and has a bay called the wonderful "Gulf of Izmit" that overlooks the Sea of Marmara. Izmit is built near the site of the ancient city of "Nicomedia", which was the capital of the East, and the greatest city In the Roman Empire during the mandate of "Diocletian", it is a very beautiful city that enchants you when you visit it, it has many fish restaurants as well as cafes with picturesque balconies on the sea, and it has a large garden called "Lunasen". And the "Orhan Ghazi" mosque, which dates back to 1333 AD, and the "Pertev Pasha" mosque, which was built by the great architect Mimar Sinan in 1580 AD, and other wonderful monuments.

The city of Izmit is one of the important Turkish cities, as it is an industrial city that supplies the Republic of Turkey with the most important raw materials for local industries, in addition to many international auto factories located in the city. One visits Turkey to and through the city of Izmit, with the city of Sakarya to the east, Bursa and Yalova to the south and southwest, and the beautiful Istanbul to the west, as it is in the middle of the Marmara region.

Tourist places in Izmit

We also said that the city of Izmit is one of the important historical tourist areas in Turkey, so there are many tourist places in Izmit, and we will mention several tourist places that are among the most visited places in Izmit, namely:

Kocaeli Izmit Museum:

It attracts thousands of visitors and tourists from various cities and regions inside and outside Turkey. This museum was established after converting a railway station and changing its course to be held at that station. This museum, which contained hundreds of artifacts, coins and many strange things, was one of the places that attracted tourists from Different countries to see these beautiful paintings and archaeological objects.

Sika Park:

This garden is considered one of the most wonderful tourist places in the Turkish city of Izmit, and it is characterized by the density of its various trees and flowers, as it contains approximately 6,000 trees distributed within that garden, in addition to the presence of a children’s games city and a park inside the garden that contains a climbing wall that is 8 meters high and 50 meters wide that provides you with a climbing trip Enjoyable with the family. You can also eat a delicious meal in one of the restaurants scattered inside the park, and drink a cup of hot tea in one of the cafes inside Sika Park.

Games City Park Lunasan:

Park Lunasan Games City is one of the largest gaming cities in Izmit, Turkey. It includes hundreds of games that are suitable for both adults and children, as it gives you an interesting trip with the family and provides you with all the means of luxury and comfort. There are also many restaurants and cafes that provide delicious local, Western and Arabic meals and drinks.

Izmit Bay:

The city of Izmit owns the Izmit Gulf overlooking the Sea of Marmara, as this bay provides an enjoyable diving trip for diving enthusiasts. Several places have been allocated for diving inside this bay. This bay also has stunning landscapes that make it one of the most important tourist places in Izmit, Turkey.

Kartepe Mountain:

Kartepe Mountain is one of the most important tourist areas in Izmit, where you can enjoy watching the city from the top of this mountain, and you can ride the cable car from the top of the mountain to the bottom of it on an enjoyable air trip.

Maashouqia Village:

Masukiye village is located in the east of Izmit, on the southwestern coast of Lake Sapanca, on the outskirts of Kartepe, and it is one of the most beloved villages in Turkey. It is the right address for those looking for the beauty of nature with its forests, streams, waterfalls and orchards. Due to its unique location at the intersection point between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, the village of Al-Mashouqiyya was affected by both marine climates, and through it a unique nature emerged.

Eskihisar Castle:

Eskihisar Castle is located in the Gebze region, and it was built on a steep hill on the seashore, to protect the harbor in the region. The distance between the L-shaped towers between the walls of the outer courtyard of Eskihisar Castle is between 30-60m. According to recent studies, it was found that there is a Byzantine cistern with 8 columns and 15 domes under Eski Hisar Castle.

Clock tower in Izmit:

The Clock Tower, which is one of the most visited tourist areas by tourists, is located in the Kemaleddin neighborhood in the Izmit region. It was built by the Izmit Municipality under the supervision of the governor, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid's ascension to the throne.

Izmit Palace:

Izmit Palace is located next to the Clock Tower in the Izmit region, and it is considered one of the famous symbols in the city, and it is a palace built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz in the neoclassical style, and in the European Baroque style.

Shopping in Izmit

For shopping lovers in the most famous malls in the city of Izmit, where the city includes many shopping malls that contain the finest fashion and the most famous international brands, such as:

  • Nacity Mall.
  • Izmit Outlet Mall.
  • Simbol Shopping Centre.
  • Mall 41, Borda, Izmit.
  • Arasta Park Shopping Centre.

Universities and educational institutions in Izmit

There are many educational centers in the city of Izmit, such as schools, institutes and universities, and they are administratively affiliated to Kocaeli University. The infrastructure and educational environment are provided for students with a variety of majors, such as:

  • Yahya Kaptan Vocational School.
  • Scientific and Applied Research Center "KOSEM".
  • College of Architecture and Design. Professional School of Justice.
  • College of Economics and Administrative Sciences. College of Art Education.
  • Civil Aviation Vocational Secondary School.

Hospitals and health centers in Izmit

Hospitals and health centers in Izmit, whether public or private, have distinguished medical staff and follow modern techniques and advanced technology in treating patients. The following are some medical centers and hospitals in Izmit:

  • Governmental University Hospital.
  • Kocaeli Governmental Hospital.
  • Ska Governmental Hospital.
  • Cihan Private Hospital.
  • Private Acıbadem Hospital.
  • Roma Team Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
  • Special hyperbaric oxygen treatment center.

Advantages of housing in the city of Izmit

The Izmit region is one of the most suitable areas for family housing, due to the calmness that characterizes it on the one hand, and its proximity to the most important and largest Turkish states such as Istanbul, Sakarya and Bursa on the other hand. Natural tourism, which is represented by green and beautiful landscapes. The operation of the Sultan Osman Ghazi Bridge and highway projects under construction have led to an increase in real estate prices in this region. The presence of more than 500 industrial companies in Izmit was an encouraging reason, for Izmit to be a point of attraction for investors to invest In real estate, industrial and commercial projects in this region.

Real estate market in Izmit

The real estate market in Izmit has witnessed great activity, after the completion of the construction of Cengiz Tobel Airport, the Izmit Bay crossing, the North Marmara and Istanbul-Izmir express projects, in addition to the emergence of 763 government investments throughout the city of Izmit in Turkey. Izmit is also characterized by vast green spaces, Designed in a luxurious style. In addition to the Marmara Sea, which is distinguished by its blue color, which gives the region beauty and splendor. When you buy an apartment in Izmit, you can enjoy living in quiet and spacious places overlooking the sea. And characterized by lively modern life in the arms of charming nature. In view of all the information that we have provided about the Izmit region, we find that the ingredients for buying an apartment in Izmit are available, an apartment that provides you with all means of comfort and luxury, in a city that is only an hour away from Istanbul.

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