Sapanca city in Sakarya province

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The Turkish city of Sapanca is located in the Sakarya province, within the Marmara region, in the Asian part of Istanbul, about 130 km from the European part of Turkey, about 15 km from the Izmit region, and about 60 km from Sabiha International Airport, which is a major transport station for Europe. From the east, the plains of "Adapazari" and the mountains of "Samanlı", from the south, the cities of "Cevi" and "Pamukova", and from the west, the center of the city of "Kocaly" and the city of "Izmit". Sapanca in Turkey is a moderate climate, and summer temperatures reach twenty-seven degrees Celsius as a maximum, while winter is very cold, with temperatures reaching minus seven degrees Celsius. Most of the population of Sapanca are Turks, and there is a percentage of Arabs who live in permanently in the city.

Tourist attractions in the city of Sapanca

The city of Sapanca in Turkey tops the list of tourist cities that many want to visit, as the city has become a place visited by tourists from many countries with the aim of enjoying nature and stunning scenery, rest and recreation as well. Sapanca is one of the areas rich in tourist places in Turkey, so the tourist trip to Sapanca is one of the most beautiful trips And the most enjoyable, as it abounds in landscapes, plateaus covered with green spaces, and lakes that flow with water, and among the most famous tourist places in Sapanca :

  • Lake Sapanca : Lake Sapanca is one of the freshwater lakes, which reaches a depth of about 52 meters, and it is one of the largest lakes in Turkey. The background of the wonderful view of this lake consists of small hills surrounding it, which gives it a stunning view, and in the other part of the city the visitor will be able to see the mountains Across the lake, whose summits are covered with snow, which gives a very aesthetically pleasing picture of this city. Tourists from many countries abound, but the largest proportion of tourists are Arabs.
  • Rustem Pasha Mosque : This mosque has a high status and is considered one of the first tourist destinations in the city. The construction of this mosque dates back to 1899 AD. The mosque was named after the minister who oversaw its construction. The city has a number of old mosques, the oldest of which dates back to 1967 AD.
  • Kartaba Mountain : It is a mountain located on top of a mountain, and it is located specifically above Sapanca Mountain and overlooks Sapanca Lake. The height of this mountain is about 1650 m. Sports and having a good time.
  • Al-Mashouqiyya Village : It is a village famous for the beauty of its nature and the abundance of green spaces in it, in addition to the abundance of water emanating from waterfalls that give a beautiful view to this village. Its fertile soil and abundant water made the village famous for growing tea and many other fruit trees.
  • Bird Garden : This garden includes a large number of birds, of various types, shapes and species, and contains many rare and endangered bird species, in addition to the presence of nearly 2000 species of animals and nearly 250 species of various plants, and this garden is one of the largest zoos in Turkey, the park is about 38 km from Istanbul.

Shopping in Sapanca :

Sapanca is famous for its popular markets that everyone who visited it knows, as it contains the best variety of products, but Serdivan Park Mall is one of the most important shopping centers in Sapanca, as it contains more than a hundred stores, and it has a large number of restaurants with big and famous names, Shopping tours in this mall are still one of the best shopping tours for those who visit Sapanca.

Universities and educational institutions in Sapanca

Sapanca includes educational institutions, both for primary, middle and secondary schools, and for universities, as the city contains the private Sapanca University, which is an ancient university in the country; Which makes it an attractive environment for those who seek family stability and are looking for a prestigious educational environment. The private "Sabanci" University has been ranked among the best seven hundred universities around the world, and it is among the best private universities in Turkey. As for those who wish to enroll their children in a public university, the distance is close. Where the University of "Sakarya" is located, and it is the first public university that has won the "Educational Quality Document" in the field of administrative departments, and it includes many colleges and scientific and literary departments, as well as postgraduate departments.

Hospitals and health centers in Sapanca

Sapanca contains several health centers, and it has a full-service hospital, in addition to the presence of dental health and treatment centers. The Turkish government has taken care of these aspects due to the great demand for this region, which reassures investors and residents in Turkish Sapanca.

Real estate investment in Sapanca

Real estate investment in Sapanca, Turkey is an excellent option for those wishing to own real estate and live within large areas, at an excellent value, as the eyes of many investors are directed to the peaceful city of Sapanca, and the Turkish real estate sector in Sapanca is still achieving sales records due to many factors, including prices, quality and modernity. And the charming nature, and developed infrastructure that is compatible with the standards of tourist cities, where Arab investors won the largest part of buying real estate among foreigners in Sapanca, with expectations of its continuation at this pace of demand and growth.

Advantages of housing and buying an apartment in Sapanca

Sapanca is unique in its housing for those looking for well-being, calmness and relaxation, away from noise and crowding, as it is a natural painting with its lake, mountains and green spaces, and there are small waterfalls in it, in addition to Frick Hill, markets and so on, as it does not require the resident to leave for work or study Or buying, and its luxury real estate compared to Istanbul is considered one of the cheap real estate. Buying an apartment in Sapanca is characterized by a set of privileges, including :

  • Low real estate prices compared to other areas with the same luxury specifications, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Yalova.
  • The investment objective has a guaranteed return due to the city's tourism factors and the increasing demand for it.
  • The relatively close geographical location of Istanbul has a prominent role in people's demand to buy apartments in Sapanca. The city of Sapanca is bordered on the east by the plains of "Adapazari" and the mountains of "Samanlı", on the south by the cities of "Cevi" and "Pamukova", and on the west by the city center of "Kocaly" and the city of "Izmit", and this distinguished site deserves to think about housing and summer in it, and the large number of Arab investors made it a social environment very close to the Arab model.
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