Atasehir district in Istanbul

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This prestigious area is located in Asian Istanbul, and it is bordered by areas of utmost investment importance, namely the Maltepe and Kadikoy regions, and it also meets the Uskudar, Umraniye, Cekmekoy, Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli regions. Ataşehir includes a number of skyscrapers, which have earned it a high value for major international companies, and local and foreign capital owners to establish their business headquarters. Its area is about 27 square kilometers, and it is inhabited by about half a million people, according to the latest population census. While it is a region that attracts residents to it, it attracted hundreds of companies, major factories, and shops who realized its importance and its interesting geographical location, as we mentioned it is close to important areas, as well as it is close to the Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul, if not the most prominent at all. . It is also close to the sea port of Kartal, from which cruises depart towards the Princesses Islands, Yalova and Bursa. Therefore, the region has become the largest operational density in Istanbul, with 45 thousand employees. Ataşehir region has recently turned into an important center for attracting investors thanks to the Istanbul International Center for Financial Finance, as this study has proven that the importance of the region continues to increase due to new investment opportunities, which will become more available after the completion of the Financial Finance Center project that work has begun to establish in the region.  

Infrastructure in Ataşehir The area contains a large network of transportation roads linking the city's east and west, as two highways pass through it, E5-E80.

  • Metro: where metro line No. M4 passes through.
  • The area is 10 minutes away from Sultan Mehmed Al Fateh Bridge.
  • The area is 15 minutes away from the famous Baghdad Street.
  • Sabiha International Airport is just 20 minutes away from the area.
  • There is also a bus service that does not stop around the clock.


Shopping in Atasehir
In the Atasehir region, there are many shopping centers that contain international and high-end brands, including: -

  • Mall Boulevard 216.
  • Palladium Mall.
  • Mall Optimum.
  • Mall Novada.

And other shopping centers that increased the value of the region, and that the Metropol Istanbul project, which began work on its construction in the region in 2012, is considered one of Turkey's largest giant projects, as it consists of three high towers and more than 1,500 independent units of housing and Offices, entertainment, education and shopping centers. All these projects contributed to increasing the value of the economic zone and turned it into an important center for attracting investors.

The most famous landmark of Atasehir

  • Atasehir Palace: One of the most prominent and recent successful investments made in Atasehir for businessmen and their families. It was inaugurated on an area of about 245 thousand square meters on the outskirts of the city with the aim of providing commercial markets, restaurants and sports clubs around the clock.
  • Sports Complex: One of the largest sports complexes with a large number of games and various sports practices such as swimming, tennis, basketball and fitness halls.
  • Atasehir also includes a hospital specialized in kidneys and dialysis, and it is considered one of the largest hospitals with specialization in Istanbul, and it is characterized by the possession of specialized medical teams and the use of the latest equipment and technologies, in addition to the availability of all means of care and care at a high level of quality, efficiency and experience.

Features of Atasehir neighborhood

  • For anyone looking for vital services such as hospitals and health centers, as well as the proximity of services and educational institutions such as schools and universities, Ataşehir neighborhood is an excellent choice for including all these services, which makes the citizen not need to go far.
  • The area is luxurious and full of luxurious buildings and commercial complexes that meet everyone's food needs.
  • The area's proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge makes it close to all means of transportation, whether land or sea, but it is a close distance from the new airport, in addition to the availability of sports complexes and cultural centers.
  • Ataşehir includes a group of recreational and tourist places that make you combine natural pleasure and antiquities that date back to ancient times and witnessed the succession of many civilizations. It also includes many parks and public gardens, most notably the Atabark Park.
  • With regard to shopping centers that a large number of young people and families are interested in, the region includes many famous shopping centers such as Bolivar 216, Carrefour, Novada, and these centers include many restaurants and cafes in addition to cinemas and clothing stores that display the best Turkish and international brands.

Investing in Atasehir
There are many reasons that drive investors and attract them to choose Ataşehir specifically for investment, including :

  • The number of giant economic projects that the region is witnessing has increased its economic strength and raised its investment value significantly, and among the most prominent of these projects is the Istanbul International Financial Center project, and the Istanbul Metropole project for housing, offices and shopping centers.
  • Ataşehir includes an international center for financial financing, which was a strong reason for increasing real estate investments in the region, especially in light of the presence of many luxurious residential complexes with integrated services, as well as popular neighborhoods that suit everyone.
  • Prices in Ataşehir seem medium to high in residential complexes, but compared to what you will soon witness, it is a great opportunity for current investment.
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