Bakirkoy district in Istanbul

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Bakirkoy is located in the center of the European city of Istanbul. It is bordered to the north by Bahçelievler and Kucukcekmece, to the east by Zeytinburnu, to the west by Avcilar, and to the south by the Sea of Marmara. It is distinguished by its beautiful coastline that extends along the Sea of Marmara, its mild climate and its charming landscapes, in addition to its elegant and wonderful neighborhoods, such as Florya, Yesilyurt, Yesilkoy, and Atakoy. The Bakirkoy area previously included Ataturk Airport, but it was soon converted into a public park that is considered the largest of its kind in the European part of Turkey. As for transportation, it is located on the main E-5 road, which is the main artery of daily transportation in Istanbul, as it connects the European and Asian parts of the city, and transports people to all parts of the city easily and quickly.

Transportation in Bakirkoy area

  • E5 Highway: One of the most important roads in Turkey and Istanbul in particular. It is a very important economic and vital artery that connects the two parts of the city to each other.
  • Metrobus: The fastest means of transportation in Istanbul, it connects the two ends of Istanbul to each other, and it works around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Subway: A major metro line operates in the Bakirkoy region, reaching up to Yeni Kapi Square, and there is an underway metro line linking the Bakirkoy region with the Kirazli region.
  • Marmaray Metro: One of the best means of mass transportation in Turkey, it connects the two parts of the city of Istanbul and passes under the waters of the Bosphorus Strait and operates around the clock.
  • Marine taxi and IDO company: These are sea transport lines between the regions of Istanbul and its Asian and European parts, and there are heavy transport ferries linking Istanbul to other cities such as Bursa and Yalova.

Education and health in the Bakirkoy region

Bakirkoy is equipped with a large group of Turkish government schools specialized in all educational levels, in addition to the presence of a number of Arab international schools, including:

  • Future Schools. Renaissance schools. Ambassador Schools. Oceania Schools.

The region also includes many universities, such as:

  • Istanbul Aydin University. Istanbul Kultur University. Al-Biruni University.

As for health services, the Bakirkoy region is characterized by the presence of many state-of-the-art governmental and private hospitals, which are equipped with the best equipment and medical personnel, in addition to a wide spread of health centers in all its neighborhoods, such as :

  • Bakirkoy Dr. Saadi Konuk Government Research University Hospital.
  • The Psychiatric Hospital is considered the largest hospital in Turkey.

The most famous areas and tourist attractions in Bakirkoy

  • Florya Aquarium: It is located in the Florya district of Bakirkoy district in Istanbul, on the shore of the Marmara Sea, and is one of the largest water zoos in Europe.
  • Bakirkoy Botanical Garden: It was built on an area of 96,000 square meters. It opened in June 2013. It contains water gardens, games, and many different types of plants. It is an environmentally friendly garden that meets all energy needs through solar panels and wind generators. The garden contains models of various types of plants. Dinosaurs, water and sandy playgrounds, there are artificial waterfalls and a pool of very beautiful winged golden horses.
  • Florya Ataturk Forest: It is located in the Florya neighborhood on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. It has children's games, a car racing track, nurseries for various plants, a running track and many youth activities.
  • Vali Effendi Horse Racing Arena: It was built on an area of about 600 acres, with a length of 2020 meters and a width of about 40 meters. There are two main tracks for the race, one grassy and the other sandy.
  • Aviation Museum: The Aviation Museum includes many different warplanes, helicopters, and weapons that were used. The museum is located inside a former military base that was converted into an interesting museum. Visitors can enjoy a tour inside the museum and learn about the stories of the pilots and the outfitters. A visit to the museum is interesting, especially for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs.

Shopping centers in Bakirkoy

  • Carousel Mall: Its area is estimated at 50 thousand square meters. It opened in 1995 AD. It contains 117 shops and many international brands, in addition to cafes, restaurants, and cinema centers.
  • Forum Marmara Mall: One of the largest shopping centers in Turkey and Europe as a whole, as it contains 300 shops and includes hotel apartments, offices, cinema halls, restaurants, cafes and water parks, and includes many international brands.
  • Galleria Mall: This mall is considered one of the most important malls in Istanbul, and the first modern shopping center in Turkey. Its design is inspired by the Houston Galleria shopping center in the US state of Texas, and it was opened by former Turkish President Turgut Ozal in 1988.

The importance of housing and investment in Bakirkoy

  • Bakirkoy is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists in Istanbul.
  • Its picturesque nature, mild climate, sea views, diversity and multiplicity of tourist attractions.
  • The location of Bakirkoy district in Istanbul, where it is located near the historic city center and extends on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, and is interspersed with the E5 highway, all of this increases the investment value of the region.
  • A huge transportation network connects the region with all areas of Istanbul, the most important of which is the express metrobus that operates around the clock.
  • The high quality of the real estate in Bakirkoy, as the region is classified as one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul, so it contains many luxurious and upscale properties.
  • The presence of many five-star hotels in the Bakirkoy region made it the preferred center for attracting tourists from inside and outside Turkey.
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