Basin Express area in Istanbul

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Basin Express is located on the European side of Istanbul within the Bagcilar municipality, and its neighborhoods are spread around the Basin Express highway linking Ikitili and Bahcelievler. It is in the middle among the most vital areas in Istanbul, which increases its investment value.. It is bordered to the north by Istanbul Airport and the Basaksehir region, and to the south by Ataturk Airport and the Sea of Marmara, while it is bordered to the west by the Kucukcekmece region, and to the east by the Zeytinburnu region.

Transportation and communications in the Basin Express area

The region has a modern and interconnected transportation network, where major roads intersect: the E5 main road, the TEM “international highway” and the coastal road, in addition to the region’s connection to the North Marmara Highway, which makes it a unique connection point for most international and highways, ensuring ease of movement from it to all around the city.

Shopping centers in the Basin Express area

  • Mall of Istanbul: The Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest and largest shopping centers in Turkey and the European continent alike, and hosts the most important leading brands around the world, as it includes 350 stores displaying thousands of international and local luxury brands.
  • Mall 212: It is one of the huge shopping centers in the city of Istanbul, as it is gaining wide popularity among the locals and even residents due to its privileged location in the city center and the offers and large discount campaigns that it offers; It includes special offers on a number of the most famous international brands known for their expensive products, in addition to other products and supplies.

Educational services in the Basin Express area

The most important public and private universities near the Basin Express area :

  • Istanbul Kultur University.
  • Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.
  • Altinbaş University.

International schools in Basin Express :

  • Iraqi Knowledge School.
  • Arab International Schools in Istanbul.
  • Al-Aqsa Schools in Istanbul.

Hospitals in Basin Express :

  • Mega Medipol University Hospital.
  • Acıbadem International Hospital.
  • Jam and Sakura Medical City in Basaksehir.

The investment importance of Basin Express :

  • The real estate projects in the Basin Express region are considered a breakthrough in the field of urban projects and the modern environment, for all the previously mentioned features, in addition to the new Istanbul Canal project that is planned to be implemented near the region to connect the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea, as this canal is considered as the new Bosphorus and the project of the century for the Republic. Turkish.
  • Real estate in Basin Express is characterized by a periodic increase in prices, as the price of real estate has increased in some of its areas by 45%, which means an increase in profit opportunities through buying and owning in it for those wishing to invest.
  • Its proximity to the Fair City and Ataturk Airport, which will turn into the largest public park in Europe.
  • We also do not forget the availability of many international brands and five-star luxury hotels, such as the Rotana Group, Windavista, Pullman, and many others. Bearing in mind that the region's real estate is among the best and newest in Istanbul in relation to vital and commercial areas, not to mention the promising future that awaits it.
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