Beylikduzu district in Istanbul

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Beylikduzu is a region located on the European side of Istanbul - Turkey. It is located north of the Sea of Marmara, south of Esenyurt, west of Avcilar, and east of Büyükçekmece. It was first settled by the Greeks from Byzantium in the second century AD as an agricultural village, and then later became a popular resort for the residents of Constantinople in the empire. Byzantium, this situation continued until the fall of Constantinople at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, then it became referred to as (the garden) in the Ottoman period. After the founding of the Republic of Turkey, it was called (Kavaklı) due to the presence of large numbers of trees, especially poplar trees. It continued to be called until 2003, to become its modern name (Beylikduzu), meaning (the plains of Beylik).

The population of Beylikduzu did not exceed 3,000 people at the beginning of the nineties, but after the earthquake that hit Izmit in 1999 the area became populated due to the migration of residents of the old areas of Istanbul who preferred to move to the newly constructed buildings in Beylikduzu, and also when the metrobus was extended (Express bus system) from Avcilar to Beylikduzu in 2012 Beylikduzu was affected by the second wave of migration as its population grew to 420,000 by 2022.

We understand from this that the population of Beylikduzu mostly consists of immigrants from other regions in Istanbul or Turkey, meaning that Beylikduzu is a city that was established relatively recently, as this region has gained a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers without having any social classes. The popularity of the region has increased dramatically in the past few years and Beylikduzu has become a hot spot for real estate and commercial investment as Beylikduzu has the highest rapid increase in land and real estate values in Turkey, making its investors richer in a very short time.


Public transportation options are very rich in the Beylikduzu region. Access to the region has become easier with the extension of the Metrobus line to Beylikduzu.

Metrobüs operates 24 hours a day, so it is possible to go to Beylikduzu directly from the city center at any time. It takes about 60 minutes by metrobus to go to Mecidiyeköy- Zincirlikuyu (Istanbul city center) from Beylikduzu. In addition to the metrobus ,There are express public buses that go directly to Beylikduzu from Taksim Square and vice versa.

  • 145T collects its passengers from Cumhuriyet, Barış and Buyuksehir districts of Beylikduzu and goes to Taksim using the highway.
  • 145M collects its passengers from the Adnan Kahwaji neighborhood and the Esenyurt neighborhood of Jumhuriyat and goes to Taksim by going up the highway.
  • Since Beylikdüzü is developed around the E-5 highway, it is also possible to take any public bus that comes from Bakırköy or Yenibosna and goes towards Büyükçekmece.
  • The future plan of the region, a subway line will be built between Beylikduzu and Bakirkoy. Later it will be connected from Bakırköy to Yenikapı Transportation Station.
  • Beylikdüzü is connected by the TEM highway with Hadıköy and Esenyurt service roads.

Reasons to choose your home in Beylikduzu!

  • Beylikduzu is a beautiful, modern neighborhood of Istanbul, with its long streets and spacious green squares, keeping pace with the latest European standards, specializing in its clean air and healthy architecture, and distinguished by its advanced medical and educational facilities, and its socially educated people.
  • Slums common in most parts of Istanbul are rare in Beylikduzu. Beylikduzu, along with the Ataköy Marina district, attracts the upper and middle class because of its good infrastructure, as the area witnesses the construction of luxury and new projects. In addition to the advantage of its location, it is becoming an increasingly attractive area for home and real estate buyers. It is also home to most of Istanbul's shopping malls and is considered a shopping paradise, also referred to as "AVM cumhuriyeti" (or shopping republic in English).
  • Beylikdüzü is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul and thus hosts a group of different cultures in Turkey along with people from other countries. Beylikduzu matches European cities with its high green area per person. Almost every street has trees at equal distances; Make the whole neighborhood an open-air museum.
  • Since Beylikduzu is located at an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level, it is low in humidity and Beylikduzu is famous for its clean and dry air. Since Beylikduzu is surrounded by trees, the change of seasons in Beylikduzu presents a wonderful visual show for its residents.
  • Beylikduzu is witnessing a great prosperity in the field of high-quality real estate investment. Compared to other neighborhoods in Istanbul, it is of higher quality and more organized in terms of urban development. Real estate investments in this region are expected to record record profits in the coming periods.
  • The multiplicity of means of transportation to and from it, which I mentioned previously, make the residents of the region in full contact with all regions of Istanbul, and its proximity to air and sea transport also gives it an additional investment value.


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