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Toki Construction Company is one of the leading construction companies in Turkey and the world. The company was established in 1984 and since then, it has achieved great success in creating a wide range of important projects all over Turkey. Toki Company also presents its projects that work on a long-term strategy with the aim of providing housing for people with medium and limited incomes through an integrated partnership with the private sector. 10 and 15 years old.

The company works on constructing residential, commercial, industrial, educational, health and public facilities buildings. It also develops tourism, entertainment and sports projects. The company is distinguished by its extensive experience in the field of civil and architectural engineering, interior and exterior design. It is good, and most of its projects are characterized by urban planning, a healthy environment, and beautiful views.

Toki is characterized by a qualified and specialized team, consisting of engineers, designers, technicians and workers, who work hard to ensure the provision of the best quality and performance for all projects undertaken by the company. It also uses the latest technologies and materials in all its projects, which helps to provide efficiency, sustainability and quality at work. It also works to achieve its vision by creating sustainable and effective projects that meet the needs of customers and are commensurate with the requirements of the current era. The company also seeks to develop residential and urban neighborhoods in Turkey, by establishing projects that enhance the social, cultural and economic life of the population.

The company's projects include the construction of a variety of large facilities and buildings throughout Turkey, including social, commercial and industrial housing projects, shopping centers, hotels, airports, hospitals, schools and universities. The company's most prominent projects include the "Esenkent Evleri" social housing project, which includes 14,000 apartments, the "Ataşehir Konutları" project, which consists of 1,200 apartments, and the "Kayaşehir Konutları" project, which includes 11,500 apartments and public facilities. The "Bilkent" project is considered City Hospital" that the company established in the capital, Ankara, is one of its largest projects, as it consists of a huge hospital with 3,700 beds and modern medical and diagnostic facilities, and serves the surrounding area and all parts of Turkey.

The Turkish Toki Construction Company seeks to achieve innovation and excellence in all its projects, maintains high levels of quality, performance and service, and adheres to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its work. Through its clear vision and many achievements, the construction company is one of the most important companies in the construction industry in Turkey and the world.

Toki Construction Company contributes to the economic and social development of Turkey, providing job opportunities for many people and promoting the country's economic growth. The company employs more than 20,000 employees across Türkiye. The company cooperates with the Turkish government to implement social housing and urban development projects across the country.

Toki makes its profits by constructing and selling real estate, in addition to selling buildable lands to real estate investors, as well as establishing and renting tourist areas. This is what Toki Construction Company deals with both horizontal and vertical buildings, and it allocates 25% of the homes to be sold to retirees only. Between 1948 and 2002, Toki was able to construct 43,000 properties, and the number of properties it has established to date has reached 830,000 properties.

The achievements of the Turkish Toki Construction Company have exceeded the borders of Turkey, as it is not a local company confined to Turkish lands, but rather has dozens of branches in several countries around the world, as the company has implemented several projects in countries such as Algeria, Tanzania, Russia, Libya and Iraq and is very active in the African continent where it provides project buildings Real estate and residential complexes with international and standard architectural systems that compete with the world's largest companies operating in this vital economic sector. The company aims to expand its scope of work in the future and achieve more successes in the construction industry.

Thus, it can be said that Toki Construction Company is a leading company in the field of building and construction, working hard to provide the best quality and performance in all projects that it undertakes in Turkey and abroad, and enjoys a good reputation and great respect among the local and international community.

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