Maslak district in Istanbul

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Maslak is one of the main business and investment areas in Istanbul, and it is part of the Sariyer district located on the European side of the city. It has a population of about 10,500 people. It is a modern, lively and upscale area suitable for housing and investment, as the growth rates in real estate prices are constantly rising, and it is suitable for high budgets and is considered one of the investment centers of Istanbul, and one of the largest real estate development areas in the city.

Location : 

Maslak is considered part of Sariyer district in Istanbul and on the European side of it, and it is distinguished by its proximity to the vital districts of Sisli and Eyup, in addition to being no more than 5 minutes away from the Bosphorus Strait, which separates the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. Also, the area is located at a distance of Only minutes from Taksim and Levent, and 25 minutes from the new Istanbul third airport, and near shopping centers, public transportation, main roads, art centers, sports and cultural centers, which gives it strategic and investment importance.

Services : 

There are many Turkish government schools in Maslak of all stages, vocational schools, schools of imams and preachers, kindergartens and nurseries for children, in addition to the two most famous international schools, which are the Bosphorus School and the British International School. It also contains two of the best universities in Istanbul, Koc University and Istanbul Technical University, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Istanbul, in addition to a large number of Turkish health centers, medical clinics, pharmacies, and a number of hospitals, the most famous of which is Acibadam Hospital, one of the most important hospitals in Istanbul.

Transportation :

 As for transportation, the Maslak area is located near the E80 or TEM highway and passes in the Maslak area of the M2 metro line. The ITU-Ayazaga and Ataturk Oto Sanayi stations of the M2 line serve the Maslak area and the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to the easy access to transportation to Sisli, Eyup and Besiktas, which makes Maslak an ideal incubator for real estate investment. 

The importance of the area :

Maslak is considered one of the completely new and upscale areas in Istanbul, and therefore real estate prices in it are considered among the most expensive real estate prices in Istanbul, which is reflected in rents, monthly returns and price increases, depending on the privileged location in the region. Maslak is famous for its five-star hotels, especially as it always receives foreign delegations, businessmen and famous personalities. It is one of the most important commercial areas in Istanbul, and the third most luxurious and expensive area in Turkey. It is considered one of the most beautiful modern areas that are dominated by the nature of companies and business centers. With luxury real estate and mansions, which makes it attractive to money holders and celebrities.

The most important tourist attractions :

Maslak includes a large list of areas designated for tourism and hiking with various types of well-known entertainment, including :

  • Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Bridge: It is one of the bridges hanging over the Bosphorus Canal, which connects European Istanbul to the Asian one.
  • Istanbul Valley Mall Shopping Center: It is one of the most important shopping centers and commercial markets in Istanbul, due to its magnificence, it is crowded with residents and tourists, and it includes many international brands and names.
  • Maslak Palace or Castle: It was built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II and completed during the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz. It is now considered a tourist attraction.
  • Belgrade Forests: The Belgrade Forests are one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul, and one of the most touristic places that attract local residents and tourists coming to it from everywhere, as it provides a picturesque nature that urges recreation and tranquility through dense vegetation, wildlife and clean air, which gives visitors a day full of parties Barbecue, entertainment, happiness and activity.
  • Elgiz Museum: It is a museum dedicated to contemporary art.

Advantages of investment and housing in Maslak

Investing in the Maslak area is one of the most important successful investments in the city of Istanbul, due to the acceleration in the urban and cultural renaissance and vital facilities in general. The following are the most important factors and advantages of investment and housing in Maslak:

  • Maslak is located in one of the most important locations in Istanbul, close to shopping centers, public transportation, main roads, and arts, sports and culture centers, making it one of the most important areas in Istanbul that attracts investors and those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey.
  • Its close location, just minutes away from Taksim and Levent, 15 minutes away from the Asian side of Istanbul, not more than 5 minutes away from the Bosphorus Strait, 25 minutes away from Istanbul's new airport, and the most important E80 highways makes the investment in the region highly profitable. Which gives it strategic and investment importance.
  • It includes the most important and largest residential complexes and shopping centers, as it is characterized by beauty, scenic landscapes, and tranquility, with the presence of the Belgrade Forest.
  • In addition, the high demand for real estate in the Maslak area of Istanbul enhances the attractiveness of real estate investment in this area. By purchasing a property in this area, the investor can obtain a high return on investment and make large profits in the future.
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