Some of the best areas for housing and buying real estate in Istanbul

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Let's get to know some of the best areas for housing and buying real estate in Istanbul 


Maslak is located in one of the most important locations in Istanbul, close to shopping centers, public transportation, main roads, and arts, sports and culture centers. Maslak is only minutes away from Taksim and Levent, and it is no more than 5 minutes from the Bosphorus Strait, and 25 minutes from Istanbul's third airport, which gives it strategic and investment importance. Maslak includes the most important and largest residential complexes and shopping centers such as Wadi Istanbul. It also overlooks the Belgrade Forest and is 15 minutes away from the Asian side of Istanbul. Maslak is one of the most important commercial areas in Istanbul, and the third most luxurious and most expensive area in Turkey. It is a completely new area, and it is considered one of the most beautiful modern areas in Istanbul, which is dominated by the nature of companies and business centers, as it is full of luxury real estate and palaces, which makes it attractive to owners of money and celebrities. .


Kadikoy is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, surrounded by the regions of Uskudar, Atasehir, and Maltepe, and from the south it overlooks the Sea of Marmara, giving it a charming view, and its proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden's Tower, making it a vital and distinctive tourist area. Kadikoy is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Asian Istanbul, due to the abundance of green spaces in its gardens and parks, in addition to its coast on the Sea of Marmara. And commercial, in addition to the fact that the port of Kadikoy is considered an important transportation center in the city, and it connects the Asian and European sides through the Bosphorus Strait, and transportation is easy and convenient due to the presence of metro lines, the Marmaray metro, the Metrobus, and various buses. The Kadikoy area is very suitable for families due to the many activities that can be practiced, and the spread of restaurants, cafes and famous fashion houses. The Kadikoy region is known as one of the most emerging areas in Istanbul, which offers countless options of cafes, restaurants, bazaars, and various markets. It is the most visited in Turkey, and one of the most important things that can be mentioned about the Kadikoy region is that more than half a million people live in it, and their way of life is dominated by the European style, in terms of its nature, its population, and the atmosphere prevailing there.


Basaksehir or the city of Sunbulah if we translate it into Arabic, the residence of Turkish and Arab investors and wealthy people. Basaksehir is located in the European section of Istanbul, and it contains a very modern and developed infrastructure, which attracts local and foreign investors from all over the world.

Basaksehir is one of the most vital areas on the European side of Istanbul, as it contains the largest hospital in Europe, the largest botanical garden in Europe, and contains many giant government projects that are being implemented now. The Turkish government plans that Basaksehir will be the vital future investment center for Istanbul. Basaksehir has a wide network of transportation, such as public and private bus lines, in addition to the subway (metro) line through which it is possible to reach from Basaksehir to: Ataturk Airport, the Marmaray line connecting the Asian and European continents, and metro lines that connect To Taksim, Besiktas, Mecidiyekoy, and many other areas in Istanbul. Work continues on building a new tram line in the area.


Sariyer is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it is one of the charming areas overlooking the Bosphorus, which is considered a center for tourism and investment in Istanbul. It dates back to the Ottoman era. Sariyer real estate is characterized by its sea views, and fish restaurants and cafes are spread along this coast. It is a wonderful park for residents and tourists in Istanbul. The Sariyer area also includes many wide green spaces such as Belgrade Forest, Emirjan Park and Ataturk Park, which contains more than 1,500 trees. The Sariyer region is a suitable choice if you want a place to live and settle with basic services such as education, health and transportation available. Sariyer has the most famous universities such as Istanbul Technical University, Bosphorus University, Marmara University and the College of Forestry, so it is one of the areas that attract university students. Sariyer also includes many Public hospitals and clinics that provide health care to the population.

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