The importance of real estate investment in Turkey

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In the past few years Turkey has witnessed a significant improvement in the real estate field in Turkey unexpectedly, as the best investment real estate offers can be found in Turkey, whether the reason for buying for the sake of investment or for a vacation or even for housing and stability, real estate investment in Turkey It has many very important aspects and very valuable incentives set by the state to encourage foreign investors to invest their money in real estate in Turkey, and it has provided them with great facilities and tax reductions, so that the profitable return on real estate investment in Turkey is almost guaranteed and in a very large proportion.

Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and one of the best countries in which profit and trade opportunities increase thanks to its distinguished location that connects the Asian and European continents, as Turkey forms a bridge between Asia and Europe in terms of culture and civilization, as well as very distinctive real estate designs. As well as Turkey's climate, its privileged location, and the low prices of real estate in it compared to European countries, all of this led to Turkey being the ideal destination for foreign and Arab investors for real estate investment in Turkey. The Turkish government has also greatly assisted in supporting the real estate sector and real estate investment in Turkey through several decisions.

Why invest in real estate in Turkey?: 

  • Both foreign investors and Turkish investors are treated by the government with the same laws, with great facilities for investors in general in Turkey, and taxes in Turkey are not high.
  • Turkey has a large domestic market, and this is a great opportunity for real estate investment in Turkey, thanks to the educated population for which Turkey creates a large domestic market.
  • It also has a decent structure in the field of technology and transportation, which makes it a safe country for investment in general and real estate investment in particular, and the infrastructure in Turkey has high technology and advanced in all the things that successful investment needs from transportation, telecommunication and advanced marine transportation facilities and is characterized by its low cost.
  • Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world, especially Istanbul. Turkey ranks among the top five tourist destinations in the world. All of these are very strong incentives that guarantee the success of real estate investment in Turkey.
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