What are the advantages of a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship

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Since traveling around the world has become an important matter for many people and groups of people, especially businessmen, most of them are looking for access to their destinations without a visa and waiting for approval, and many want access to many commercial, job and cultural opportunities on a global scale, as Turkey is one of the countries Which tops the list of the most advanced countries in terms of the strength of the Turkish passport at the present time, and its collection is encouraged by providing profitable investment opportunities in exchange for obtaining Turkish citizenship and obtaining a Turkish passport and benefiting from its advantages, as the Turkish passport is ranked among the best passports in the world, as it It is ranked 37 according to the Passport Index ranking, and its holders can enter 124 countries either without an entry visa, which are 75 countries, or with an entry visa requested upon arrival, which are 49 countries.

What countries allow entry of the Turkish passport holder without a visa ?

Turks can travel to 75 countries without the need for a visa. The countries that do not need a visa for Turkish passport holders are :

  • Libya - Morocco - Palestine - Jordan - Qatar - Tunisia - Albania - Antigua and Barbuda - Argentina - Bahamas - Barbados - Belarus - Belize - Bolivia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Botswana - Brazil - Brunei - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador- Fiji- Gambia- Georgia- Guatemala- Haiti- Honduras- Hong Kong- Iran- Azerbaijan- Jamaica- Japan- Kazakhstan- Kosovo- Kyrgyzstan- Macau- Malaysia- Moldova- Mongolia- Montenegro- Nigaragua- North Macedonia- Panama- Paraguay - Peru - Philippines - St. Kitts and Nevis - St. Louisa - Serbia - Senegal - Singapore - South Africa - Tajikistan - Thailand - Ukraine - Uruguay - Uzbekistan - Venezuela - Ivory Coast - Mexico - Pakistan - South Korea - Sri Lanka “and there are other countries also.

Turks can also travel to 49 countries with an entry visa upon arrival for Turkish passport holders, and these countries are :

  • Angola - Armenia - Bangladesh - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cambodia - Cape Verde - Comoros - Republic of the Congo - Cuba - Djibouti - Ethiopia - Gabon - Guinea - Equatorial Guinea - Indonesia - Kenya - Kuwait - Laos - Lebanon - Libya - Malawi - Islands Maldives - Mauritania - Mozambique - Namibia - Nepal - Nigeria - Sultanate of Oman - Rwanda - Somalia - South Sudan - Sudan - Taiwan - Tanzania - East Timor - Togo - Tango - Uganda - Zambia - Zimbabwe.” There are other countries as well.

What are the advantages of the Turkish passport and nationality?

Turkish passport holders enjoy benefits that include free education and scholarships, and the Turkish citizen benefits from the power of the Turkish passport through eligibility for free medical treatment, and Turkish passport holders can participate in retirement programs, and they also have the right to vote in elections, and foreigners can Those who obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment benefit from entering into investment in its various fields to benefit from the advantages of the Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship from the moment they become citizens.

Obtaining a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship brings you the following benefits :

  • With a Turkish passport, you can travel to 124 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival.
  • You can enjoy a high standard of living at low prices compared to European countries.
  • You can live in a friendly country without war or violence.
  • Turkey has a rich tourism industry and because of that, there are many job opportunities for foreigners.
  • You can benefit from retirement plans with a Turkish passport.
  • You can have bank accounts in all Turkish and international banks in Turkey.
  • Turkish Social Security System SGK.
  • Opportunity to study in free public schools and universities.
  • Free healthcare services in public hospitals.
  • There are no requirements for minimum residence and language knowledge to obtain a passport.
  • Benefiting from the inheritance law, in the event of the death of a person in Turkey as a Turkish citizen, the property acquired in Turkey will be distributed to his heirs according to the shares mentioned in the Turkish inheritance law.

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