What reasons lead foreign real estate investors to consider obtaining Turkish citizenship?

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In recent years, we have witnessed a remarkable increase in foreign investors' interest in obtaining Turkish citizenship, especially through real estate investment. This interest is not a coincidence but rather a result of a combination of factors that make this option highly attractive to investors from various parts of the world, particularly those from the Middle East. In this article, we will review the reasons that drive foreign real estate investors to seriously consider acquiring Turkish citizenship.

Firstly : Investment Value

It should be emphasized that the minimum price required for a property to qualify for Turkish citizenship is considered low compared to European countries. While Spain, for example, requires an investment starting from 500,000 euros, Turkey only requires 400,000 US dollars, which is approximately equivalent to 375,000 euros. This price difference makes the Turkish option more appealing to investors seeking reasonably priced investment opportunities.

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Second : Urban Renaissance

Turkey is witnessing a remarkable urban renaissance, which means that investing in real estate is not only safe but can also achieve good financial returns in a short period of time compared to other countries. This factor makes Turkey a preferred destination for investors looking to maximize the benefit of their investments.

Third : The Need for a Second Citizenship

The need for a second citizenship is considered a strong motive for many investors from Middle Eastern countries, especially from countries that suffer from political or economic instability, such as Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and some other countries. Turkish citizenship provides them with an opportunity to move and live with greater freedom, and represents a gateway to security and stability for them.

Fourth : Cultural and Social Convergence

The cultural and social convergence between the Turkish people and the peoples of the region plays an important role in attracting investors. This convergence provides a comfortable atmosphere for living, stability, and investment, and makes it easier for investors and their families to adapt and integrate into Turkish society.

Fifth : Easy and Simple Procedures

The procedures for ownership and the steps for obtaining citizenship in Turkey are characterized by simplicity and ease, thanks to the continuous government efforts to facilitate these processes and reduce routine complications. This makes the process of investing and obtaining citizenship a less stressful and more attractive experience.

Sixth : The Strength of the Turkish Passport

The Turkish passport enjoys a strength that allows its holder to travel and move freely to many countries without the need for a prior visa, which opens wide horizons for investors to expand their investment activities globally.

Finally : Turkey's Position in the World

Turkey enjoys a distinguished position in the world that makes Turkish citizenship a valuable addition to any investor seeking to enhance his position and investment capabilities. More importantly, Turkey does not apply new amendments to the citizenship law retroactively, which provides an additional guarantee to investors that the conditions for obtaining citizenship that they have fulfilled will not change after submitting the application.

In short, the reasons that drive foreign real estate investors to consider Turkish citizenship are multiple and varied, ranging from economic and investment aspects to security and social aspects. This diversity makes Turkey an ideal destination for investors looking for new opportunities and a brighter future.

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