Where do I invest my money in trade or real estate in Turkey

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The investment sectors in Turkey are diverse...but (real estate investment and commercial investment) stand out as the two most frequently traded investments in Turkey. In this article, we will show you the difference between them and which is better in the current economic conditions.

Commercial Investment :

Turkey is among the strong trading countries thanks to the strength of its industry and the fame and quality of its local products that cover the Turkish market and are exported abroad and its competitive prices when compared to other countries, and its population, which has reached nearly 85 million people, and the millions of tourists annually led to a very strong commercial movement Perhaps these are the most important reasons that investors desire for them, despite that, there are some negatives that must be mentioned, which are:

  • We also know that commercial investment needs a large money, and the reason for that is need  it to purchase shops, stores and goods, in addition to transportation and loading expenses, and the issuance of approvals and licenses, in addition to taxes and other expenses.
  • Commercial investment has quick profits compared to other types of investments, especially real estate, but at the same time it has high risks, as its owner can be exposed to losing a large part of the capital money if not all of it. Wisdom says that trade is profit and loss and everything contained in it.
  • Commercial investment requires great knowledge in the Turkish market and knowledge of the best type of trade, in addition to the need to choose the places that bring the best investment results, and this may take years of study and research.

As for real estate investment:

Turkish construction companies of a global nature are competing to launch dozens of housing complex projects to meet requests for new housing due to the increase in the population in Turkey and the increase in arrivals to it to choose it as an alternative homeland or to reside, work, study or live in it, and the real estate law issued by the Turkish Parliament constituted a great opportunity for Foreign investors rush to buy Turkish real estate after removing restrictions that prevent their ownership and included 183 nationalities around the world, and among the reasons that distinguish real estate investment from others, we mention:

  • Real estate investment is a safe and protected investment against loss because real estate prices are constantly increasing.
  • Real estate investment is a slow investment, but despite that, it is a guaranteed investment and comes with 100% real results.
  • Real estate investment can start with a very small number compared to the large numbers required to invest in trade, as it is possible to start a real estate investment from an amount of $75,000, and the profits will escalate with the increase in the value of the investments.
  • Real estate investment does not require much experience in the Turkish markets, but first of all, advice and real estate advice and accurate details must be obtained from a trusted real estate expert.
  • The government facilities provided are often directed towards real estate investors, from extracting real estate residency, discounts and tax exemptions, to granting them Turkish citizenship under certain conditions.
  • The real estate investor does not need more than 400 thousand dollars to make a successful investment on the one hand and obtain Turkish citizenship on the other hand.
  • Real estate prices cannot go down, provided they are chosen in good locations and projects, and this ends any idea of ​​calculating losses.
  • Real estate investment is multi-choice, as it is possible to invest in ready-made properties or properties under construction, and can invest in residential, commercial, industrial and other properties. It is also possible to invest in rent or resale, as well as short, medium and long-term investments.
  • Real estate taxes are low and competitive for many countries of the world, especially European ones, knowing that tax exemption decisions for foreigners have recently been issued.

At the end of the article, I would like to note that in light of the huge economic inflation that the world is going through and the exorbitant costs, real estate investment in general and long-term investment in particular is the best solution, but it may be the safest and most profitable for businessmen and the public, especially if the investment country has all the ingredients Successful... We, Mbany Real Estate, hope to convey the idea of the importance of real estate investment at the present time, and never hesitate to communicate through this website to serve you with all about investment opportunities and real estate offers in Turkey.

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