Siliviri Mimarsinan Land L168

For sale 5 plots of land of different sizes with a total area of 5050 square meters in Istanbul, Silivri - Mimar Sinan
money 650.00 usd / m2



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L168 - 

For sale 5 plots of land of different sizes, with a total area of 5050 square meters, in European Istanbul, Silivri - Mimar Sinan, close to the seaside. For sale as a whole or individually, so that the area of ​​each piece is as follows: -

  • Plot of land L168-1: it has an area of 992.81 square meters
  • Plot of land L168-2: It has an area of 953.61 square meters
  • Plot of land L168-3: it has an area of 972.46 square meters
  • Plot of land L168-4: it has an area of 1035.13 square meters
  • Plot of land L168-5: It has an area of 1097.87 square meters


  • It is only 350 meters away from the Marmara Sea coast of Silivri
  • It is only 240 meters away from the E5 highway
  • The nature of the area in which the land is located is an upscale villa area, but it is surrounded by services such as schools, shops, and hospitals
  • All services such as markets, schools, transportation and health services are located near the plot of land.

Additional details of the land :

  • City : Istanbul
  • Region : Siliviri
  • District : Mimarsinan
  • Area : 5050 square meters
  • Land type : residential
  • Sort type : fully sorted
  • Construction license : Ready
  • Building percentage : 50%
  • Number of building floors : 2

Infrastructure details of the area :

  • Electricity : serviced
  • Natural gas : serviced
  • Water : serviced
  • Asphalt Street : Available


350 m
City Center
City Center
15 min
15 min
240 m
Istanbul Airport
Istanbul Airport
60 min
Why this land
  • The land is located in Silivri, close to Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece, and is located directly on the coast of the Marmara Sea
  • Silivri is one of the best areas of Istanbul, and it is rich in recreational and service places, and tourists come to it in particular and permanently, as it is spread in historical places.
  • The land is very close to the E5 road that connects all of Istanbul with its European and Asian parts
  • The Silivri district is one of the most important areas of urban sprawl and expansion in Istanbul, as the state is working in the coming years to move 6 million people to be their living quarters west of Istanbul in the Silivri district, which provides a unique investment opportunity.
  • The Silivri region overlooks the Sea of Marmara, which distinguishes it from the rest of the rural areas in Turkey, and made it the focus of attention for investors, and it has also become a destination for tourists who wish to spend the summer vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • The Istanbul Municipality aims, according to its plans, to deliver the metro line to the region in the coming years so that it connects all residential areas and summer complexes, as well as villages in the region, to the main roads. - Fast Tekir Dag who will pass Silivri.
  • Silivri is one of the best areas of Lands Invest in Istanbul, as it is located in the far west of European Istanbul, and it is also one of the largest districts. One of the most important features that distinguishes it is that it is an independent area with full services, in addition to its distinctive calm atmosphere and its wonderful and beautiful coastline. It also contains high-end residential complexes, which are rich in entertainment and service places, and the historical places located within its borders.

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Price Change

1 year


3 Years


5 Years


Total Price :
3,282,500.00 usd
Location :
Construction Percentage :
50 %
Land Type :
Construction License :
Land License:
Residential, Villas
Area :
5,050 m2
Number of Floors :
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