Land for sale ready for construction in a quiet residential area in Hadımköy - Istanbul | L240

Land for sale in Hadmeköy within the Arnavutköy area, with an area of 513 square meters.
money 804.64 usd / m2



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Land Information

L240 - 

Land for sale ready for residential and commercial construction in Hadımköy within the Arnavutköy area, with an area of 513 square meters, with a high construction ratio, licensed and ready for construction.   

Location :

  • On the new plan, it is 2 km away from the Istanbul Canal.
  • It is 12.5 km away from the new Istanbul Airport
  • It is 5.5 km away from the highway
  • It is 9 km away from the Toki project
  • It is 6.5 km away from the new city of Yenişehir
  • It is 6 km away from the center of Arnavutköy
  • A serviced area with ready infrastructure

Additional details of the land :

  • City : Istanbul
  • Region : Arnavutköy
  • District : Hadımköy
  • Area : 513 square meters
  • Land type : Residential - Commercial
  • Sort type : fully sorted
  • Construction license : Licensed and ready for construction
  • Building percentage : 90 %
  • Number of building floors : 3 Floor

Infrastructure details of the area :

  • Electricity :  Serviced 
  • Natural gas :  Serviced
  • Water :  Serviced
  • Asphalt Street : Available


Istanbul Airport
Istanbul Airport
12.5 km
Main Street
Main Street
5.5 km
Istanbul Canal
Istanbul Canal
2 km
Why this land
  • The land is located in the Arnavutkoy region, and it is one of the areas that has gained the most attention of the Turkish government. The new Istanbul airport has been completed in this region, and the new Istanbul Canal project is being completed within this region with the rest of the regions. Arnavutkoy also contains many freshwater lakes, including Lake Durso, which feeds a third of Istanbul's population with fresh water, is considered an area of a rural and modern nature. This area also contains a lot of untapped land that is offered for sale at excellent prices when compared to market prices.
  • This land is within an area with future growth because of the future projects it is witnessing. Its presence near the Istanbul Canal project makes investing in it safe and profitable without any risk, because simply the area in the future will witness a construction leap and real estate projects in the event of the completion of the canal project. Investment advantage.
  • Investing in lands in Istanbul, specifically in this region now, at the right prices, and he is aware that the region is witnessing giant projects that strengthen the chances of life in it. He must buy at such prices and at this time and not at another time, because simply the more time is delayed, the greater the demand for it, with the increase in prices in the future.

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Area Details



Sex Ratio


Price Change

1 year


3 Years


5 Years


Total Price :
412,780.32 usd
Location :
Arnavutköy , Hadımköy
Construction Percentage :
90 %
Land Type :
Construction License :
Land License:
Residential, commercial
Area :
513 m2
Number of Floors :
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