Agricultural land for sale in the Turkish province of Kırklareli, specifically in Babaeski | L249.

Agricultural land measuring 2834 square meters is for sale in Kırklareli province.
money 10.50 usd / m2



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L249 - 

For sale : Agricultural land measuring 2834 square meters located in the Turkish province of Kırklareli, specifically in Babaeski.

Location details :

  • 22 kilometers away from the city center.
  • 500 meters away from the main road.
  • It is located 600 meters away from the village.
  • 100 kilometers away from Istanbul.
  • It is located 40 kilometers away from the city of Edirne

Additional details for the land :

  • City : Kırklareli
  • Area : Babaeski
  • Neighborhood : Taşağıl
  • Area : 2834 square meters
  • Land type : Agricultural

Kırklareli, is a province located in northwestern Turkey on the western coast of the Black Sea. It is bordered by Bulgaria to the north with a 180 km border. It is bordered by Edirne province to the west, Tekirdağ province to the south, and Istanbul province to the southeast. Its capital and largest city is the city of Kırklareli and is divided into 8 districts. The name of the province and its capital in Turkish means "Land of the Forty," which may refer to the forty warriors sent by Sultan Murad I to conquer the city for the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.

The province is divided into two parts by the Yıldız (Istranca) Mountains range. The northern and northeastern regions of the province are the least populated and are among the areas still under development in Turkey. The areas located to the south and west of the province are more densely populated as their lands are more suitable for agriculture and industrial development. Forests dominate the northern and eastern regions of the province, making them essential for livelihood in these areas. Fishing is practiced along the Black Sea coast.


City Center
City Center
22 km
Green Area
Green Area
10 min
Main Street
Main Street
500 min
Why this land

Agriculture is one of the most important resources of this province, with a significant and historical status in the province of Kırklareli. A statue of a woman harvesting grapes with a child beside her stands in the center of Kırklareli city. Kırklareli Province is one of the key regions for vineyards and wine production. The region is known for producing a beverage called "Hardalay", a non-alcoholic drink made from grapes, cherry leaves, and mustard seeds. Kırklareli province is home to a university bearing its name, Kırklareli University, established in Turkey in 2007, aiming to become one of the leading universities in the country. Known for its low tuition fees and a wide range of available specializations, the university attracts international students in general and Arab students in particular due to its excellence and advancement, accepting a large number of international students each year at its distinguished institution. The weather in Kırklareli city is characterized by a subtropical climate with a long, hot, and humid summer, while winter is cold and wet, with frequent snowfall between December and March.

Landmarks in the state of Kırklareli

The Dupnisa Cave is a famous natural landmark and unique geological formation located in the northern part of the state, a 60 km coastal strip along the Black Sea hosting one of the most pristine and undeveloped beaches in Turkey. There are two protected natural areas along the coast, namely the Sakagolu (Lake Saka) Natural Reserve to the north and the Kasatura Korfuzi (Kasatura Bay) Natural Reserve to the south. These sites are unique with their unstable ecological systems that harbor many endangered plant and animal species.

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Total Price :
29,757.00 usd
Location :
Construction Percentage :
5 %
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Area :
2,834 m2
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