Farmland for sale in Tekirdağ province, specifically in Süleymanpaşa | L258

Agricultural land measuring 11517 square meters is for sale in Tekirdağ province.
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L258 - 

For sale : Agricultural land with area 11517 square meters in Tekirdağ, specifically in Süleymanpaşa.

Location details :

  • 18 kilometers away from the city center.
  • 600 meters away from the main road.
  • 19 kilometers away from the seaside.
  • 75 kilometers away from Istanbul.

Additional details for the land :

  • City : Tekirdağ
  • Area : Süleymanpaşa
  • Neighborhood : Ahmedikli
  • Area : 11517 square meters
  • Land type : Agricultural

Located in the province of Tekirdağ, known for the cultivation of wheat, sunflowers, olives, and various types of fruits, in addition to the possibility of investing in livestock with dairy and poultry farms or fruit and citrus farms. Investment factors include proximity to commercial shipping ports and being close to European borders, facilitating the shipment of fruits to European countries with ease and flexibility. Additionally, there are two major international roads that extend from Istanbul through Tekirdağ to reach European Union countries.


19 km
City Center
City Center
18 km
Main Street
Main Street
600 m
Why this land

Investing in agricultural lands in the city of Tekirdag

  • If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector, Tekirdağ offers many interesting opportunities. If you have knowledge of farming and farming techniques, then investing in farmland in the city can be a great opportunity for you.
  • Firstly, Tekirdağ's agriculture sector is characterized by large government investment and full logistical support, thanks to the city's strategic location. The agricultural technology in the city is also characterized by constant modernization and the use of modern technologies, and this means that you can get the necessary support to develop your agricultural project.
  • Secondly, Tekirdağ has a suitable climate for growing various agricultural varieties, especially grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition, the farmland in the city is rich in fertile soil, which means that you will be able to get a rich and profitable crop.
  • Thirdly, the agriculture sector in Tekirdağ has a large and active market, which means that you can easily market your crop and make good profits. In addition, the Turkish government provides many incentives and logistical measures to support investment in the agricultural sector, which makes investment in the city more attractive.
  • In short, if you are looking for an opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector, Tekirdağ offers many irreplaceable golden opportunities.

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Total Price :
52,172.01 usd
Location :
Construction Percentage :
5 %
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Area :
11,517 m2
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