Fully furnished four-bedroom apartment for sale in Avcilar, Ispartakole | SH166

SH166 | Fully furnished 4+1 residential apartment for sale in the Avcilar area, Ispartakole, Istanbul




cards 294,000 usd

Rooms & Space

4 + 1 - 225m²

Real Estate Information

For sale, a furnished 1+4 (one living room and four bedrooms) residential investment apartment in the Avcilar area, Ispartakole, on the European side of Istanbul. Located on the 2nd floor, the apartment spans 225 square meters within the Bazim Evler 4 complex, close to the main TEM street. Suitable for investment.


Reasons why you should choose your home in Avcılar !

When talking about the advantages and benefits associated with housing and investing in a specific area, it is necessary to remind interested parties of the attractive factors of that area. Therefore, we want to point out the most important and prominent reasons that make this region one of the best places for housing and investment in Istanbul.

  • The area is close to the former Ataturk Airport, which will be established and transformed into the largest nature reserve in Europe. It is also close to Istanbul's third airport, which is the largest airport in the world.
  • Istanbul is distinguished by its stunning views of the sea, in addition to the distinguished location of Avcılar, which is located among many vital areas. It is characterized by an excellent transportation network, topped by the metrobus line, which is the lifeblood of the city.
  • The area offers many large commercial centers such as Pelican Mall and the famous Marmara Market.
  • The presence of one of the most famous public universities with global evaluation, such as the prestigious Istanbul University.
  • The spread of private educational facilities on a large scale in the region, such as international schools with well-known names and prestigious specialized institutes.
  • Although there are industrial areas in the area, it is distinguished by its pure nature, and this is due to the presence of the sea and lake that surround many of its sides.
  • Modern societies provide many unique housing options that provide all the requirements for an ideal life.
  • The region is located near the main business centers, and it is easy to reach all parts of Istanbul.
  • The presence of all public transportation in the area (Metro Bus, buses, dalamish, etc.).
  • It is located in great proximity to Century project and other basic infrastructure projects.
  • Soon, there will be a metro line connecting to this area, making it much easier to get to and from it.
  • Since the Avcilar region is mainly distinguished by its crowdedness with tourists, because of its location, of course.
  • Many investors tend to invest in commercial real estate in Avcilar, and another category of investors is interested in investing in apartments suitable for students, due to the presence of many universities in the Avcilar region.

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2 %
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100 usd
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