Gaziosmanpasa district in Istanbul

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Gaziosmanpasa is one of the municipalities of the city of Istanbul, located in the European part of the city, with a population of about 500 thousand people distributed over an area estimated at 12 square kilometers and divided into 16 neighborhoods, and it is one of the most densely populated areas. The region was named after a prominent Ottoman military commander, the invader Nuri Osman Pasha, who was an active leader in the Balkans. The region was empty of residents until the fifties of the last century when immigrants from the Balkans settled in it, as many of their homes were built illegally, and it was a gateway From small, primitive huts, then the area of Gaziosmanpasa expanded rapidly during the seventies and eighties due to immigration to it from eastern Anatolia. Now most of the original illegal houses are demolished, and replaced with legal groups of projects and residential complexes of modern design. One of the most prominent and important plans that the Gaziosmanpasa municipality aspires to is to convert the buildings in the region into modern real estate designed within the regulations of earthquake resistance, and the erasure of any form of Forms of random houses that harm their owners before they harm the area itself, resulting in the area benefiting from technical and technological development to the fullest extent. The matter does not happen randomly, but the municipality has prepared more studies and research for the area with the aim of reaching the appropriate projects, and a comprehensive assessment of the area To determine the places that need to be developed and served. The municipality's work is considered distinctive, as it begins with the infrastructure of the region. When the beginning is correct, the end will be correct, so investors are heading towards this area with their expectations that a lot of development and advancement awaits it, leading to a quantum leap in its residential structure. Urban renewal projects aim to revitalize the area by increasing housing prices.

Location :

Gaziosmanpasa district is located on the European side of Istanbul. The region is distinguished for being one of the closest areas to the city center, as it is close to the areas of Sultan Eyup, Al-Fateh, Esenler, and Basaksehir, and it is not far from the Maslak area and the areas of Sisli and Taksim, which represent the center of Istanbul, the destination of money and business, the home of major companies, and a residence Malls and international brands in Istanbul.

Services :

The Gaziosmanpasa region includes various types of services. With regard to health and health services, the Gaziosmanpasa region includes many governmental and private hospitals, the most famous of which is the Gaziosmanpasa Governmental Hospital, in addition to health centers and dispensaries. The region contains a luxurious sports complex and summer sports schools, which provide A great deal of entertainment and entertainment, in addition to a huge number of service projects, some of which have been implemented, some are still under implementation, and some will soon be implemented by the municipality of Gazi Osman Pasha.

Transportation :

 As for transportation, the area is located on the E80-TEM highway, which is a main line in Istanbul that passes through the most important areas such as Sariyer, Bagcilar, Eyup, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, and others. Also, in the Gaziosmanpasa area, there is a tramway located at Phenicia Mall and leads to areas such as Al-Fatih, Beyazid, and Sultan Ahmed. Public buses and minibuses are also available in the area, which represent an internal transportation network that facilitates movement within the neighboring neighborhoods.

The importance of the area :

The Gaziosmanpasa region is distinguished and important for investment, as it is considered one of the regions with a unique location on the European side of Istanbul, as the region is characterized by its proximity to areas such as Fatih, Basaksehir, Maslak, Sisli, and Taksim, which represent these areas, the home of major companies, money and business, and the residence of malls and international brands in Istanbul city. All this prompted real estate investment companies to move towards it to implement major residential projects, and prompted residents of Istanbul and those wishing to reside in Istanbul to search for a property for sale in the Gaziosmanpasa area, desiring to buy a property in the Gaziosmanpasa area.

The most important tourist attractions :

The Gaziosmanpasa region is considered the same as many of the tourist areas of Istanbul that are visited by tourists and visitors to Istanbul, where the location of the region is the most prominent feature in it, as it is close to a large and varied number of entertainment and tourism centers, most notably :

  • Dolphinarium Water City: It is considered the best tourist place in Istanbul and the largest closed European water park that offers a series of fun entertainment shows for dolphins, white whales and seals, which are ideal for families, especially children.
  • Vialand Games City: Known as Disneyland Istanbul, it includes a large shopping center and an arena dedicated to holding many theatrical and entertainment shows, and most importantly it has a huge amusement park of 200 thousand square meters, containing 50 fun games suitable for adults and children.
  • Mini Turk Park: or as it is known as the Small Sculpture Garden, it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions that Istanbul is famous for, as tourists from all over the world flock to it, because of the recreational activities it provides suitable for all ages and for different times. The park is classified among the most important tourist places for families, it has a charming view of the Golden Bay, and it occupies a strategic location in the region. In parallel with the presence of many recreational activities in Miniatürk Park, this tourist attraction is one of the most important museums that display in the open air a large group of archaeological sites, dating back to the time of the Ottoman Empire in the form of small figures.
  • Venice Mall: One of the most famous malls in Istanbul, inspired by its design from the Italian city of Venice, where shops mediate with water canals, boats and bridges that help mall visitors move easily in a wonderful and beautiful atmosphere. The mall includes shops for the most famous local and international brands, in addition to children's toys, brands, and others, to meet the needs of visitors.

Advantages of investment and housing in the Gaziosmanpasa area

 Investing in the Gaziosmanpasa district is one of the successful investments in the city of Istanbul, as the Gaziosmanpasa district is dominated by the nature of the old city, but the direction of real estate companies towards it led to the emergence of sophisticated residential buildings and high-end residential complexes that combine modern technology and distinctive designs.The following are the most important Factors and advantages of investment and housing in Gaziosmanpasa :

  • The region is considered one of the best areas for housing, real estate purchase, and real estate investment, as it contains residential complexes and real estate projects that are distinguished for being built on a high level of quality and luxury, and they combine modern technology, distinctive designs, and advanced infrastructure.
  • Real estate sales in the region recorded an increasing increase in addition to the monthly and annual revenues during the recent years, due to the importance of the region and the many recreational and tourist facilities, and this plays a major role in the increase in the real estate and market investment value of the region, and this is what was observed on the increase in the great demand for real estate in Ghazi Othman Pasha, which increases year after year, and due to the urban development that the region has witnessed.
  • The high demand for real estate in the Gaziosmanpasa district of Istanbul enhances the attractiveness of real estate investment in this region. By purchasing a property in this region, the investor can obtain a high return on investment and make large profits in the future.
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