Üsküdar district in Istanbul

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Üsküdaris one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul and the pearl of its elegant neighborhoods, characterized by its striking beauty and in an exceptional location at the gateway to the continent of Asia on the side of the Bosphorus Strait, and opposite the European part of the city.

The area is considered one of the oldest areas of Istanbul in general, and it is the oldest area in the Asian part of the city. As Üsküdar during the era of the Ottoman Empire was one of the regions in which a number of sultans built their palaces, in addition to mosques, baths, markets and other facilities, as it became full of historical monuments of great importance, which made it a symbol of Istanbul and Turkey at the global level, which made it the focus of attention investors and raise their investment value to the extreme.

Location :

Üsküdar region is located on the Asian side of Istanbul on the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of Marmara, bordered to the north by the Beykoz region, to the south by Kadikoy and Atasehir, to the east by an urban area and to the west by the Bosphorus Strait, where the region is located within a valley surrounded by hills and open to the sea, where it meets The Bosphorus Strait in the Marmara border, the region is characterized by the slope of its land and hills from north to south, a slight slope towards the Bosphorus Strait. Uskudar area is about 58 square kilometers, and the population of the region exceeds 600 thousand people. Üsküdar district includes 33 districts, the most famous of which are Acibadim, Çengelkoy, Altinzade, Kirazli, Küçükçalça, Guzeltepe, Sultantepe, and Mimar Sinan.


With regard to the educational sector, the Uskudar region has a special place among the regions of Istanbul, as it contains a network of schools distributed in its neighborhoods. The number of Üsküdar schools is 28 public and private schools, 25 training institutes, and public and private universities, including Uskudar University and Marmara University.

With regard to health and health services, the Üsküdar region contains a wide network of health institutions and hospitals that cover health services, as it includes 17 hospitals, including the state hospital, and specialized university hospitals (such as the Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital, the Children's Diseases Hospital, etc...) and physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers Rehabilitation, medical clinics.


As for transportation, the Üsküdar area is crossed by the Marmaray metro line, which connects the Asian side to the European side of Istanbul. It also has sea transport and sea ferries that connect it to the European side, and through it it is possible to go to the Princesses Islands. In addition, the Uskudar region is linked to European Istanbul through the Bosphorus Bridge, known today as the July 15 Martyrs Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel.

The importance of the area:

The Üsküdar area is distinguished and important for investment, as it is considered one of the areas with a unique location on the Asian side of Istanbul, due to its presence in the Marmara Sea region, and it is also characterized by its wide views of the Bosphorus Strait and the European side of Istanbul as well, and therefore real estate prices in it are considered expensive compared to real estate prices In some areas of Istanbul, which is reflected in rents, monthly returns, and high prices, depending on the privileged location in the region, which made it a central area for real estate investment.

The most important tourist attractions:

The Üsküdar region is one of the tourist areas that tourists and visitors to Istanbul visit, because of its beauty and charming nature, and because it contains many recreational facilities, the most famous of which are:

  • The Girl's Tower: It is a small tower on a small island at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait. The tower is characterized by a dazzling architectural form in the heart of the sea, 200 meters from the coast of Uskudar in Istanbul. The way to reach it is a pleasure in itself, as you can reach it by taking a tourist boat. On a tour inside the sea, the top of the tower also provides charming views of the city, in addition to the presence of a restaurant on the first floor of it that serves delicious local food.
  • Çamlıca Mosque: It is the largest mosque in Turkey, where the state started a project to build the largest mosque in its history. Its construction began on March 29, 2013 and was inaugurated on July 1, 2016. It was built with its annexes on an area of ​​15,000 square meters, and it consists of 10 closed buildings with a capacity of 37,500 A person praying and 5 open spaces in the courtyard of the mosque, and a total of 6 minarets.
  • Sultana Mihrimah Mosque: One of the most important landmarks of Istanbul, Üsküdar, through which it is possible to explore the charming architectural style of the famous designer Sinan Pasha, in addition to what can be enjoyed in the mosque square and prayer hall of amazing architectural designs, artistic inscriptions and treasures.
  • Pillar Bey Palace: One of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul, Üsküdar, is preferred by many Arab and foreign tourists, as it is a huge imperial palace that was used during the Ottoman era as a residence for summer holidays and to receive heads and diplomats of foreign countries. When you visit it, you can enjoy the wonderful architectural designs and see its marble facades. Stunning sculptures and sculptures in the palace garden.
  • Bosphorus Bridge: Known officially as the July 15 Martyrs Bridge and unofficially as the First Bridge, it is one of the three suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey, thus connecting Europe with Asia (along with the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge and Sultan Selim I Bridge).
  • Hill of Brides: It dates back to the Byzantine era and the Ottoman era as a site for recreation and summer holidays. You can enjoy watching the wonderful views of Istanbul and its most important tourist attractions and taking the most amazing pictures.
  • Emaar Mall Istanbul: Emaar Mall is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the Uskudar region, thanks to its various stores selling all personal needs, in addition to entertainment options and game centers. It also provides cafes and restaurants serving delicious fast food and international and Turkish dishes.
  • Acacia Mall Istanbul: Acacia Mall is one of the largest malls in Istanbul, as it occupies an area of 80 thousand square meters, and includes many stores selling all personal necessities such as clothes, bags and shoes of international and local brands, in addition to entertainment venues inside the mall, restaurants and cafes.
  • Capitol Mall Istanbul: The Capitol Mall Istanbul is one of the largest malls in Istanbul, Asia, as it was built on an area of 73,000 square meters and consists of 6 floors that include more than 155 clothing stores for the most famous international brands, in addition to restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues and cinemas.
  • KidZania Istanbul: KidZania Istanbul is one of the most preferred places for children from the age of 4 to the age of 14, where they can practice 100 real-life professions such as engineering, police and medicine, which made it one of the most famous places in Uskudar, Turkey.

Advantages of investment and housing in the Uskudar region

Investing in the Üsküdar region is one of the successful investments in the city of Istanbul, due to the urban development that the region is witnessing, as the Üsküdar region has received great attention from the Turkish government due to its historical importance, its unique location, and the increasing demand from tourists and vacationers to it, and this is evident in Its public transportation and municipal services that the region enjoys and its famous landmarks, and the following are the most important factors and advantages of investment and housing in Uskudar:

  • Real estate sales in the region have recorded an increasing increase in addition to the monthly and annual revenues in recent years, due to the importance of the region and its many recreational and tourist facilities, and this plays a major role in the increase in the real estate and market investment value of the region, and this is what was observed in the great increase in demand for Uskudar real estate , which is increasing year after year, not to mention the sales of villas in Üsküdar and other types of real estate, and the best evidence of this is the increase in the prices of apartments compared to the prices of apartments in Istanbul.
  • The importance of the site attracted more large investments in the construction sector, and made it one of the most important centers that host the most luxurious residential and commercial projects in Istanbul, as it includes the most important and largest residential complexes and shopping centers, as it is characterized by beauty, scenic landscapes and tranquility with charming views On the European part of the city and on the Bosphorus Strait.
  • The Üsküdar region has administrative independence and its own municipality that works to develop it by carrying out many important public projects, to always show it in the most beautiful suit.
  • In addition, the high demand for real estate in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul enhances the attractiveness of real estate investment in this region. By purchasing a property in this region, the investor can obtain a high return on investment and make large profits in the future.

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