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Do you have the idea of buying real estate in Istanbul at the present time? …Do you have the money and the ability to buy real estate in Istanbul, especially as it is not a wrong idea as a kind of preserving it in light of what is happening from economic inflation in the world?

The idea of buying real estate in Istanbul, whether for the purpose of housing, investment, or for a vacation, is a good idea and has met with increasing demand over the past years. Their data is simply because they have different and varied goals and people with different budgets. Some of them are looking for a simple property at a price of less than $100,000, and some of them are investing in luxury real estate with a budget of several million dollars.

If you want to think about buying a property in Istanbul, the first difficulty you will face in choosing is the location or area of the property you want to buy because, quite simply, Istanbul is a large city that extends over both the continents of Asia and Europe and includes 39 different municipalities.

MBANY Real Estate will simply help you to make your investment or purchase of the property the best possible for you and meet your investment ambition, whatever the purpose of this investment. However, it is very necessary for the client wishing to own (the real estate buyer) to specify the following points in order to choose the best location to buy the property in Istanbul:

First: The purpose of purchasing the property

This point is the cornerstone on which the sensitive real estate selection process depends, as we encounter many clients who want to own property without developing a clear plan for them about the property they want to obtain, we are not surprised by that, because most of the advertisements published by real estate brokerage companies revolve around a specific project Or a single property, and thus the interaction of customers is by asking about this project or offer without making sure if it is suitable for the primary purpose of purchase. The investment property has specifications that are completely different from the residential property, and the same applies to if you want to buy a property for the purpose of spending the holiday in it, in some cases there are properties suitable for housing and investment at the same time, and in order to clarify this point specifically regarding the purpose of buying the property, we will give you the basic specifications for each type To make it easier for you to choose.

  • The specifications of the residential property: that the property has an area and number of rooms suitable for your family, and that the location of the project or property is suitable for your activity in Istanbul, i.e., is the center of Istanbul suitable for you, or is the area far from the center suitable for you. The more apartments there are in the project and the surrounding area, the more services and shops there will be to meet all your needs. It does not matter how easy it is to resell it later because it is for a residential purpose.
  • Specifications of the investment property: The space and the number of rooms are important and have priority in choosing the property, and it must be in a strategic location with a demand for ease of renting with the highest return, and the smaller the area of ​​the apartments, the higher the demand will be, whether in leasing or resale later, and finally the ease of resale is very essential in investment real estate .
  • Specifications of the property for the purpose of spending the holiday: the location of this type of property depends on your preferences, some like to be in the center of Istanbul that is full of markets and entertainment places and crowded at the same time, and others prefer to have a quiet country house near the sea, and it must be spacious to provide a measure of luxury and not Hotels provide it.

Second: real estate residence or Turkish citizenship (interested or not interested)

The Turkish government grants the real estate buyer the real estate residence in the event that the price of the property is suitable for the conditions of the real estate residence (the condition of the real estate price is suitable and the condition of the real estate area is not prohibited). Therefore, you must define this goal to facilitate the search for the right property for you, and the Turkish government gives the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship when Your purchase of the property if the value of the purchased property or properties is at least $400,000 and a pledge not to sell it for a period of 3 years.

Third: the location or region

If you have sufficient prior knowledge about the areas of Istanbul, you can really discuss with the real estate consultant the areas that you will be interested in. But if you do not have prior knowledge, the role of the real estate consultant comes here to determine what is the best area for you, because simply if you look at the features of each area in Istanbul, you will feel that the right choice requires a very long study to understand the pros and cons of each area.

Fourth: The financial budget for the purchase of the property

If you do not have any prior idea about real estate prices in Istanbul and you do not have a specific budget limit, you can ask the real estate consultant to give a general idea so that he can choose the appropriate budget for you. If any, either if you have a high or open budget and you announce to the real estate consultant a weak budget, this will completely change the course of the process and lead you to a place that is not the best for you because real estate prices change quickly and dramatically according to the location and therefore, for example, if you have a budget of 600 thousand dollars And you want a residential apartment of 5 rooms and a hall, but you told the real estate consultant that your budget is 300 thousand dollars, so he will choose a middle area of Istanbul that is far from the center, while if you announce the full budget, he will make offers in the center of Istanbul, which there is no doubt that it will be more suitable for you.

Fifth: a date to visit Istanbul

You should know that real estate prices in Istanbul, especially in new projects and projects under construction, change monthly, some weekly, and some day after day, and therefore if your plan to visit Istanbul will be late from the date of your search, this search will be useless, and it is only a review of prices. You have to set an appointment very close to seeing the prices to visit Istanbul. Today's offers cannot be approved to find them on the ground after the delay in your visit. MBANY Real Estate advises you to tell the real estate consultant about the approximate date for your visit to Istanbul, whether it is near or far, this will help in setting a schedule To share accurate and useful information and offers with you.

Here comes the role of MBANY Real Estate Company, which specializes in real estate consultancy, to simplify the process and help you choose the right property for you, given that we cover many new projects in Istanbul alone. It is very important that you specify the above five points, on the basis of which we will take them into account to determine and choose the most suitable real estate for you in Istanbul.

Do not ever hesitate and contact us, as we are always at your service with everything related to investment opportunities and real estate offers suitable for you in Turkey.

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