Kagithane district in Istanbul

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Kagithane area is a destination for investors in the real estate field, as it is very promising for real estate investment in Istanbul. It is a newly developed area that is being developed, reconstructed, and transformed into slums and old buildings into model neighborhoods and upscale complexes in order to be suitable and consistent with its neighboring areas, as it is located close to Luxurious central areas such as Sisli, Levent, and Maslak. The Turkish government is also working to develop the region's infrastructure and expand the transportation network, metro lines, and tunnels.

The Kagithane area is distinguished by its proximity to the center of Istanbul, so it is desirable, as it is the cheapest alternative to the center of Istanbul, and the investor can achieve monthly and annual returns if the ingredients for a profitable investment are available in the property.

Kagithane district, unlike the previous areas, does not include many tourist attractions and is not located near the sea or the Bosphorus Strait. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is the closest area to the city center and real estate prices are appropriate. It also owns the largest share of reconstruction projects in Istanbul, which makes the region keep pace with the urban development of its neighboring regions.


Kagithane region borders Sariyer to the north, Sisli and Besiktas to the east, Beaglu and Taksim to the south, and Sultan Eyup to the west. It has a charming view of the Golden Horn, which makes it one of the most important vital and investment centers for foreigners and Turks. The most important hospitals are available in the region, including the state hospital, private Melevent, and others. There are also universities, the most important of which are Atlas University and Gulf University. As for shopping centers, there are Axıs Mall- İstanbul Sapphıre Mall.


It has the most important transportation networks of metro and metrobus lines in addition to state buses. It is also the first metro to Istanbul International Airport that was opened through the Kagithane - Istanbul Airport metro line.

Metro: Levent, Sanayi and Seyran Tabeh. The one that connects between Kaptaş and Mahmoud Bey M7 metro.

For buses: There are more than 15 different lines to reach all areas of Istanbul.

Tourist areas :

Asadabad Palace, Çelyan Mosque, Hasbahçe Park, Umur Fountain, Minatürk Park, Kagithane Village, Ahmed III Fountain

Why invest in Kagithane?

  • The quality of high-end residential projects and complexes, with the best ideal services and features that help stability and housing in comfort and reassurance.
  • An area witnessing reconstruction projects, which gives an incentive to invest in its projects due to the support provided by the government to investors for these projects.
  • The infrastructure is very strong and real estate prices are competitive.



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