Taksim district in Istanbul

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Taksim is the most famous area in Istanbul, but rather in Turkey, which is visited by Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world, as the number of visitors to this area is approximately more than three million people on a daily basis. The name Taksim came from the story of the need for water by the residents of the Bosphorus region in ancient times, as Taksim Square was the place where the main water lines of the city gathered and then divided into the rest of the city. The establishment of the Taksim area in Istanbul dates back to the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud I in the period between 1732-1833 AD, and over the years the region witnessed many demolition and construction operations, the most important of which was the demolition of the stadium, which was located near Taksim Square, between 1939-1940 AD, as it was The goal is to build Gezi Park, which is one of the distinctive green parks in Taksim. Today, Taksim is a commercial area, a communications center, and a shopping and entertainment area that attracts tourists, as it is the heart of Istanbul, as it is an area full of restaurants, hotels, and shops that reflect the image of modern Istanbul.

Location : 

Taksim is located on the European side of Istanbul, and the region belongs to the municipality of Beyoglu (Beyoglu) between the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosphorus Strait, and it is one of the most famous tourist areas that all visitors to Istanbul come to because it contains many historical monuments and various commercial places in The famous Istiklal Street, as it represents the real center of Istanbul and its beating heart. The area includes Istiklal Street, which the famous red tramway passes through, and on its sides are distributed the most famous shops and world-famous brands, restaurants and cafes. The Taksim region combines civilization and tradition, and it includes a number of real estate projects and international hotels of a modern nature in architectural design and contemporary technical systems. .

Services :

  • Universities and schools: The Taksim area belongs to the municipality of Beyoğlu, which is rich in various international schools in addition to Turkish schools. We mention the famous Galatasaray High School, the German School in Istanbul, the Austrian St. Governmental and private ones, we mention Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Fatih University, Istanbul University, Galatasaray University, Bosphorus University in Besiktas and Kadir Has University.
  • Hospitals and health institutions: The region contains many hospitals and health centers, including the government hospital in the region, which provides various types of clinics and a quick-aid department. The military hospital is also located in the same region, and the famous Acibadam Hospital. The presence of a specialized doctor for her and pharmacies as well, which are concerned with the health of the family.
  • Malls and shopping: the area contains various shops that include various types of goods, gifts and the needs of the resident. They have everything they want at competitive prices.

Transportation :

The Taksim area is one of the vital areas in the city of Istanbul, in which a huge infrastructure is available. All types of public transportation in Istanbul connect to it or depart from it. There is also a metro station in it and it bears the name of Taksim Station.

The importance of the area :

Taksim is one of the most desirable areas for residents and for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey because of its huge and developed infrastructure, as well as a central location and vital commercial and tourist activity throughout the year. Independence is well known, and therefore the real estate prices in it are considered expensive and at the same time with a high profit return, which is reflected in the rents and the high monthly returns for the most desirable areas for tourists and the rise in prices in the future. Taksim is famous for its proximity to the tourist areas in Istanbul, and perhaps the most famous of these areas is the Galata Tower, which is a historical tower in Istanbul consisting of nine floors.

The most important tourist attractions :

There are many landmarks and places located in the Taksim area, the most prominent of which are the following :

  • Taksim Square: Taksim Square is located in the heart of Istanbul, and Taksim Square is a major center for many activities, and it is also a major tourist destination, as it leads to the monument, Gezi Park, and the Aye Triada Church, in addition to its connection to the old tram, and Huseyin Agha Mosque. And the famous Istiklal Street, as it is a place for celebrations, parades, and demonstrations.
  • Istiklal Street: Istiklal Street is the most famous street in Istanbul, and it is a long pedestrian street filled with all kinds of shops, cafes, and restaurants, where the visitor can buy souvenirs, visit the Wax Museum, and historical monuments, and Istiklal Street can also be easily reached from Taksim Square. There is also a famous historical tramway on Istiklal Street, which has existed since 1875, and was restarted in 1990 to revive the historical atmosphere of the region. The tram takes you from Taksim Square, passing through Istiklal Street, to Galata Tower, one of the most famous historical monuments in Istanbul.
  • Madame Tussauds Istanbul Wax Museum: It is the first branch in Turkey of the international chain of wax museums and one of the most important museums in Istanbul. It was opened in Istanbul in 2016.
  • The Cultural Center: It is a multi-activity center and is considered an important living example of ancient Turkish architecture, as it hosted theatrical performances, the opera house, modern folk music groups and classical Turkish music, as well as the summer festival of arts and culture. The building can be visited at night and enjoy its view while it is lit.
  • Monument of the Republic: It is a memorial erected to commemorate the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 AD. This monument stands in the middle of Taksim Square, and it was meticulously crafted by the best Italian sculptor, Pietro Canonica, as it embodied the personalities of the Turkish War of Independence, such as: Ismet Inonu and Ataturk, The monument is a major landmark within the central square.
  • Gezi Park: Gezi Park is located near Taksim Square, and it is a beautiful and very green park, and the visitor can take a break by enjoying watching the vitality of the city under the large trees.

Advantages of investment and housing in the Taksim area Investing in the Taksim region is one of the most successful and profitable investments in the city of Istanbul, due to the centrality of the region and the vital commercial and tourist activity for residents and tourists. The following are the most important factors and advantages of investment and housing in Taksim:

  • The Taksim region is characterized by its huge and advanced infrastructure, as there is a continuous modernization of the infrastructure, and a continuous renewal of roads and public transportation, and it also has a metro that serves thousands of people every day, in addition to the presence of schools and universities, and it also contains the most luxurious hotels and the largest service centers. Shopping, which makes real estate investment in Taksim with guaranteed profitable returns.
  • Housing in the Taksim area is characterized as a vital residence, as the area includes various major life and entertainment activities, and the area contains the most luxurious restaurants and the most famous markets, and the infrastructure is developed in a way that suits the fame of the place, and the residents of the area can move around in Istanbul comfortably due to the density of services related to transportation. Diverse, as the region contains modernity in addition to the historical places in Taksim.
  • In addition, the high demand for real estate in Taksim district in Istanbul enhances the attractiveness of real estate investment in this region. By purchasing a property in this region, the investor can obtain a high return on investment and achieve large profits due to the central location and commercial activity in the region. A lively tourist.
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