Kuzay Marmara project from dream to reality

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During the past few days, work has been resumed on the huge project “Kuzay Marmara” or the so-called Northern Marmara Expressway connecting the first bridge of the Istanbul Canal. If you are interested in investing in the vicinity of the era’s project, “The New Istanbul Canal,” this is good news for you. Because the huge project “Kuzay Marmara” will increase the profitable value of the investment, especially for lands offered for sale on the vicinity of the Istanbul Canal.

The entire length of Kuzay Marmara reaches 443 kilometers, as it is a project that is the new lifeline at the economic and investment levels in the country, and it meets the Istanbul Canal at the first of its bridges.

There are lands available for sale surrounding it and the new Istanbul Canal, specifically in the Arnavutköy area, which constitute golden opportunities for investment, and many major investors around the world agree to invest in it, because it has the elements of successful and profitable investment in the long term and also the ideal solution at the present time to get rid of the pressures of economic inflation. Losing the value of money in the long term.

MBANY Real Estate Company in Turkey, which is specialized in buying, selling and investing in lands, especially in the vicinity of the Istanbul Canal, offers you distinctive opportunities for investment in this region. We have lands for sale in Arnavutkoy and in the vicinity of the new Bosphorus Canal, through which successful investment and high profitable returns can be achieved.

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