Learn about the city of Antalya, the paradise of the earth

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The beautiful city of Antalya (Paradise on Earth), which is considered one of the largest international resorts in the world and is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Turkey at all, as the city ranks fifth among Turkish cities in terms of population, with a population of more than one and a half million people, It is characterized by a picturesque nature and a mild climate, and it is considered one of the most favorite places for Arab tourists and all tourists of the world.

Location :

The city of Antalya is located in the southwestern side of Turkey on the slopes of the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by the Toroz mountain range, which made it an ideal destination for nature lovers around the world, as the distance between Istanbul and Antalya is about 698 km, and the distance between Ankara and Antalya is about 479 km.

Naming it :

The origin of Antalya dates back to the Roman era during the time of King Pergom Attalos II, where he ordered his soldiers to search for a place to call it the Earth's Paradise, and the soldiers actually found this place and called it Adalia, then it changed to become Atalia, until it became known as Antalya now, And Antalya kept its title (Antalya Heaven on Earth)

Its importance :

Antalya combines the charm of the East and the West together. Today, the city is considered one of the most popular cities around the world because of the city’s charming nature, the types of luxury hotels and resorts, and the low prices of living. The city has relatively cheap living prices and real estate prices, in addition to its beauty and ease of living.

It is also considered one of the important Turkish cities in terms of economic growth, and the city relies in its economy on tourism, trade and agriculture, and it is famous for its ancient history, picturesque nature, sweet sun, and blue sea, and it constitutes a tourist center at the local and global levels, and its coasts are among the cleanest coasts of the Mediterranean And the best one.

The first tourism city in Türkiye :

The city of Antalya has many of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions such as beaches, waterfalls and historical tourist attractions. It also contains the historical legacy of many ancient civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. It is the ancient city of Kaleici, Antalya, and is famous for the following recreational places:

  • Water City : Antalya has many water cities, the most important of which are Kemer and Side.
  • Antalya Museum : This huge museum contains all antiquities and artifacts.
  • Sea World : The most suitable place for lovers of adventure and the marine world. The Aquarium in Antalya provides you with this adventure
  • The Old City : This part of Antalya is known as Kaleici or the Old City. It retains its heritage since the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman eras in terms of civilizations and developments that the region went through.
  • Ataturk Park : It is a garden and park that extends across the sea to the Old City
  • The popular market : This market is located in every town in the city, and it is a market that is opened once every week.
  • Antalya includes the best hotels in terms of various facilities and private pools, in addition to its attractive locations.

Real estate investment in Antalya :

  • Antalya is considered one of the best Turkish cities in terms of real estate investment after Istanbul, and in some cases it is even better than Istanbul.
  • Away from the huge projects and the hustle and bustle of big cities, the demand for buying real estate in Antalya is very high, as Antalya occupied several times the first positions in terms of sales to foreigners in Turkey, as the demand is very high and the special offers are somewhat limited. This is what distinguishes the city of Antalya from other Cities, especially Istanbul, in the case of small contracts.
  • There are many apartments for sale in Antalya, waiting for any investor who seriously wants to enter the Turkish real estate market and achieve the desired profits, in all forms, including tourism projects, lands of all kinds, apartments, and commercial complexes.
  • The speed of capital turnover in Antalya is considered to be of a high rate, due to the small difference between the level of supply and demand.
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