Sancaktepe district in Istanbul

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Sancaktepe region in Asian Istanbul is famous for its modern infrastructure and the proliferation of contemporary urban and service projects. It is an important and famous commercial center, and investors from all over the world flock to it. It is 22 km away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. The Sancaktepe region is bordered on the western side by the Atasehir and Umraniye regions, on the eastern Anatolian side the Pendik and Sultanbeyli regions, on the northern side the Cekmekoy region, and on the southern side the Kartal and Maltepe regions. It is one of the areas that witness a high population density, as the area of ​​the region is 63 square kilometers, while it is inhabited by more than 500 thousand people, and the Sancakteperegion is divided into 4 parts that include 19 neighborhoods.

The region has secured its place among the strongest real estate and urban areas thanks to the rapid development that the region has witnessed since it was considered a municipality in 2008.

It has become a target for major construction companies dreaming of building high-end residential complexes and looking for a suitable area. The Sancaktepe area enjoys a pleasant and calm atmosphere due to its proximity to the forests in addition to its proximity to the Sile Istanbul tourist area, and it is characterized by a rapid urbanization movement as it embraces luxurious and high-end residential and service projects, which gave it additional features that make it the most suitable place for housing and stability on the one hand, and for real estate investment on the other hand.


In the past five years, the Sancaktepe region witnessed a significant urban movement and was able to build a huge infrastructure with luxurious residential complexes surrounded by green patches and water spaces and equipped with the latest commercial centers and educational centers such as schools and universities as well as a modern transportation network, which includes many means of transportation and transportation. Which makes transportation affairs from one region to another an easy matter, as residents can go to the Catalca and Silivri region, the farthest edge of European Istanbul, in an easy and convenient way, thanks to the huge network of transportation that the region embraces, all of this made it the most suitable option for successful real estate investment.

Hospitals and health services

Sancaktepe is famous for its modern and advanced service facilities, including private and governmental hospitals and health centers, which provide all medical and therapeutic services. Sancaktepe Hospital comes at the top of the list as the best, largest, and most famous hospital in the Asian section of Istanbul, with an area of 53,000 square meters.

Schools and universities

The Sancaktepe region contains many educational institutions, such as schools, institutes and universities, and the educational process includes stages (kindergarten, primary and preparatory), and it is divided into public and private schools, the most famous of which is Al-Basil International Schools, and among the private universities, Özyeğin University.

Tourist and recreational areas

The distinctive thing about the Sancaktepe area is its proximity to the forest area, which made it an ideal area for hiking and spending the most beautiful times with the family, in addition to containing many historical and tourist places such as the Sarigazzi Koyu Mosque, the Rumi Pashakoy Cave, in addition to the Shafik Nhak Usta spring and the Sarigazi Kuyu well.

Markets in the region

Perhaps the most famous markets in the region are the Outlet Center and Sancaktepe Rings, in addition to the Metro Garden Mall, and many other commercial centers and malls that meet the needs of the residents of the region and constitute a place they prefer to spend happy times with family and friends.

Advantages of housing and investment in the region

  • Modern residential projects with distinctive architectural designs and equipped with the latest services, commercial centers and green spaces.
  • The transportation network that connects the region with the rest of the vital and important areas and its proximity to the northern Marmara Road, which connects to the third Bosphorus Bridge.
  • The presence of medical and educational service facilities.
  • The area's proximity to the northern Marmara Road, which connects to the third Bosphorus Bridge.
  • The presence of a metro station linking Sanjaktepe to the famous Uskudar area.
  • The apartments comply with the conditions and laws of Turkish citizenship.
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