Learn about the city of Düzce in Türkiye

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The city of Düzce is the capital of Düzce Governorate, located in northwestern Turkey with a population of about 125 thousand people. Düzce is located in the western Black Sea basin to the east of Bolu, west of Sakarya, and northeast of Zonguldak, 216 km from Istanbul in northwestern Turkey. Its height ranges from 120 to 180 meters from sea level, and it boasts rich vegetation and wonderful green plains.

It is visited by many lovers of hiking, in the plains, natural pastures, and climbing mountains. Düzce is famous for the presence of several plateaus whose heights range between 1,200 and 1,900 meters, perhaps the most prominent of which is the “Bornali” plateau, approximately 30 kilometers from the city center.

There are also hazelnut and fruit trees in the state, due to its relative height above the level of the Black Sea, in addition to many animals, migratory birds, and rare plants. It was conquered in the 14th century by the Ottoman commander Konuralp Bey, a companion in arms of Sultan Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Tourist places in Düzce :

  • Efteni Lake : The lake is located at an altitude of 100 meters within the borders of Duzce and Goliaka, and is home to approximately 150 species of water birds. It is one of the important and rare centers on the migration route of migratory birds, so the lake is under wildlife protection and hunting is prohibited.
  • Akakuka Beach : The Akakuka area is considered an ideal paradise in Duzce for entertainment lovers, as it should be. This area, which attracts attention with the natural attractions along the Black Sea shore, represents a very popular resort that tourists from all over the world visit to enjoy the beautiful beaches and natural scenery in the region. The surrounding area, especially since the region has many hotels, camping facilities, and restaurants, in addition to a range of convenient services for all types of visitors.
  • Caves : Vakili Cave in the village of Vakili, located 8 km southeast of Akcakoca district, Duzce Province, attracts a great deal of attention, as it preserves its natural characteristics, with an interesting collection of stalagmites and stalactites that can be discovered inside it.
  • Guzel Dara Waterfall : The Guzel Dara Waterfall passes through the village of Guzel Dara, 28 km from the city of Duzce, and is characterized by incredibly picturesque landscapes. It has even been registered as a picnic area in the forest by the Ministry of Forestry and the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. The area has a wonderful biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna, as it is home to a group of rare plants as well as unique animals, including the brown bear, wolf, fox, jack, lynx, deer, and woodpecker.
  • The historical “Konuralp” area : The historical “Konuralp” area is located only 8 km north of “Duzce”, and is a wonderful destination to visit, as it includes the Konuralp Museum, which contains approximately 1825 archaeological pieces, 456 ethnographic pieces, 3837 coins and many Collections related to archaeology, ethnography.
  • There are also some tourist centers and famous attractions near the city, such as Abant, Kartalkaya, Yediguller, Golcuk and Akcakoca.

Indeed, this charming city has all the necessary ingredients for a happy holiday, with distinctive natural scenes and various entertainment opportunities with many ideal services for relaxation, including various hotels and beautiful restaurants, in addition to wonderful camping opportunities. Whatever your taste, dear visitor, you are sure to find here what meets your needs. .

Health and education in the city of Düzce :

There are many hospitals, health and rehabilitation centers, and health resorts in the city of Duzce, where there is an integrated health resort that includes many health, rehabilitation, and convalescence services, and it also has sulfur water for those who like to relax. There are about 10 hospitals and full-service medical centers in the city.

As for the education sector, the city is considered one of the most important cities for students coming to Turkey for the purpose of studying, as it contains Duzce State University, which was founded in 2006 AD, and is considered to have a prestigious position among Turkish universities, as it ranked third among Turkish universities in the engineering category in 2022.

Transportation in Düzce :

Several central highways pass through the region, since the city of Duzce is located between the capital, Ankara, and the most important and largest city in the country, Istanbul, including :

  • The D100 road, which is an extension of the E5 road in Istanbul
  • The E80 road connects eastern and western Türkiye
  • The D655 road connects it to the D010 road on the Black Sea, which is an extension of the North Marmara Highway connecting to the new Istanbul Airport.

There is no airport in Düzce, but since the area is between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, Sabiha International Airport in Istanbul and Esenboga International Airport in Ankara are the closest to the city. As for internal transportation, it extends to all parts of the city.

The importance of housing and investment in the city of Düzce :

  • The region enjoys ideal weather and the embrace of nature, as it is characterized by its green fields and its proximity to the Black Sea, and the region contains many waterfalls, highlands, and sulfurous waters.
  • It occupies a central location between Istanbul and Ankara, as it is considered close to the two cities.
  • It has a prestigious and well-known university.
  • Its prices are acceptable for an area with many visits from local and foreign tourists.
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