Maltepe district in Istanbul

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Maltepe district in Istanbul is one of the city’s neighborhoods on the Asian side of Turkey. The area is located between Kadikoy to the west and Kartal to the east, and it overlooks from the south the Marmara Sea full of its beauty. Maltepe is among the modern and upscale areas, where people’s interest in it has increased in recent years, and it is characterized by urban development The large area that witnessed it, thanks to the prestigious class in which you live, the Maltepe region is of great importance in the real estate investment sector in Turkey. This real estate trend stems from the beauty of nature and the presence of the Marmara Sea, which adds additional charm to the region.

Transportation in Maltepe :

The public transportation services available in the Maltepe district of Istanbul represent a major factor in making this area desirable for living and investment. Maltepe has a developed transportation system that guarantees easy access to it and provides many options for residents and visitors alike, including :

  • Metro lines : It connects most areas of the Asian side with each other and operates around the clock.
  • Marmaray Metro : One of the best means of transportation in Istanbul, it extends from the far east to the west of Istanbul, passing under the waters of the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Highway D100 : which is an extension of the famous E5 road that connects the two ends of Istanbul to each other.
  • Marine taxi : an old and ancient means of transportation that connects the two parts of Istanbul to each other.
  • Internal transport buses : they extend within a wide network in the region

Health and education services in the Maltepe region :

The Maltepe district of Istanbul is a great place to live and invest, thanks to the availability of many health and educational services in the area. There are many government and private hospitals, health centers and clinics in various health fields in Maltepe. The area includes the Syrian Pasha Governmental Hospital specialized in chest diseases and research, the private Syrian Pasha Hospital, and the private Delta Hospital, which provides a variety of high-quality medical services to the population.

In terms of education, there are many public and private schools in Maltepe, which are known for providing high quality education. There are primary, middle and high schools in the area. There are also several international schools available, which gives parents the perfect choice for their children's education. The region also contains Maltepe University and Yeditepe University.

Tourist and commercial areas in Maltepe :

  • Yusuf Pasha Mosque : It is one of the prominent tourist attractions in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. The mosque is a historical and architectural masterpiece that is a must-see when you visit this beautiful region.
  • Ahmed Bey Palace : It is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. The palace is a unique architectural masterpiece dating back to the 19th century. The palace was built by Sultan Abdul Aziz, who came up with the idea of building it after he visited Europe and was inspired by the modern palaces there.
  • Istanbul Geography Museum : It is a distinguished tourist destination in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. The museum is an important cultural reference for discovering the history and geography of Türkiye and Istanbul. The museum presents a wide range of historical and geographical exhibits documenting the development of the region through the ages.
  • Maltepe Market : It is one of the tourist attractions in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. This market is a great place to shop and explore the local culture. The market is distinguished by its wide variety of shops and bazaars that sell various products such as clothes, accessories, jewelry, carpets, and traditional Turkish handicrafts.
  • Stock Market : It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. The market is a center for trading various commodities and merchandise. It is estimated that the market includes nearly 400 stores that offer a variety of products, such as clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, carpets, perfumes, and many more. This market is characterized by its lively and crowded atmosphere and a wide range of products for visitors to explore.

The importance of investment and housing in Maltepe:

The Maltepe area in Istanbul is of great importance to investors and residents, and this is due to several factors that make it an ideal destination for living and investment, including :

  • Maltepe is a strategic point in Istanbul, with an exceptional geographical location, which makes it one of the most attractive areas for everyone, whether for tourism, permanent residence or investment.
  • Thanks to the availability of many modern and recreational services in the region, the Maltepe area attracts many sophisticated and educated social classes, making it a unique and safe place to live.
  • There is also a wide range of high-quality health and educational services available in the area, ensuring the comfort and safety of the residents.
  • On the investment side, Maltepe is a golden investment opportunity in Istanbul. Many high-quality real estate projects offer luxury homes, commercial offices, hotels, and shopping malls, ensuring outstanding investment returns.
  • Maltepe is an ideal tourist destination where visitors flock to enjoy its charming attractions. The area is also rich in cultural and entertainment venues.
  • Maltepe district provides available public transportation services that facilitate the access of visitors and residents to other areas of Istanbul. The area is accessible via various means of transportation such as buses and metro, which makes commuting easy and convenient.
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