One contract, one title, without participation

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New regulations and amendments have been updated regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and the new regulations will enter into force on 1/1/2023

We, MBANY Real Estate Company, and through our legal advisors, will show you the details of the new regulations and amendments in detail.

The modifications were as follows :

One title deed for each nationality

Previously, the practice was that when the investor purchased more than one real estate with multiple contracts from different owners, and the amount or value of the total purchased real estate exceeded 400 thousand US dollars and reached the value of a second nationality or more, then the investor has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship for two or more persons, of course, if he The persons are mentioned in the title deed and in shares of the value of another Turkish nationality... But now the recent amendments stipulate that each title deed (Tabu) is entitled to apply for one Turkish nationality, along with his wife and children who have not exceeded the legal age in their home country, and he is not entitled to apply for Turkish nationality Another for a family or another person, even if the price registered on the title deed (Tapu) is equal to two or more nationalities.

One contract, one nationality

Previously, when buying a group of real estate with different contracts and dates, a person or family was entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship if the group of real estate amounts registered in the contracts exceeded the amount of 400 thousand US dollars, but now, after the recent amendments, when applying for Turkish citizenship, the real estate must be registered with one contract of One side and certified by the Notary Public.

Cancellation of Turkish nationality by purchasing through the participation system

When submitting applications on the basis of partnership contracts, the real estate registered as under the partnership system is not valid for requesting Turkish citizenship. It was housing, office, land, agricultural land, etc.

In short, the investor wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment must purchase with one title deed, without participation shares, and with the permissible value of $400,000 or higher, or buy multiple properties with one sale contract certified by the Notary Public.


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