Should I buy land in Yenişehir - the new city in Istanbul?

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Istanbul, Turkey is renowned for its massive residential projects, particularly in the new city development of Arnavutköy (Yeni Şehir). These projects aim to elevate the city's regional and international standing through advanced and modern infrastructure. The construction efforts are in response to the growing population in Istanbul and seek to alleviate congestion, traffic jams, and population density in existing areas.

The urban sprawl and construction projects in Istanbul are focused on the northwestern region, alongside the new Istanbul Canal project. The new city (Yeni Şehir) is expected to be built according to international quality standards, resistant to disasters and earthquakes, and extending along the banks of the new Istanbul Canal. A large part of it will be established in the Arnavutköy area. These projects reflect the urban development and economic growth that the city of Istanbul is witnessing, and enhance its position as one of the leading cities in the world, increasing its attractiveness for investment. The Turkish company TOKI will undertake many projects in this city, in partnership with large companies such as Emlak Konut. They have already started working on some projects, which will lead to a noticeable development in the services available in the area.

Lands for Sale in Arnavutköy : Features with Exciting Investment Opportunities

The lands of Arnavutköy, specifically in the New City (Yeni Şehir) project, are considered an important investment opportunity in Turkey and may be one of the best lands for sale in Turkey that offer profitable investment opportunities, especially for the long term. These lands are located within a strategic area in Istanbul due to the presence of two projects: the Istanbul Canal project, which will make Istanbul divided into three parts - Asian, island, and European - making these lands offered for sale in Istanbul an ideal destination for investors wishing to benefit from the country's urban development and rapid economic growth.

Arnavutköy lands are characterized by the availability of all the necessary infrastructure for living and investing, including roads, schools, and commercial facilities. In the near future, the New City (Yeni Şehir) will provide an ideal environment for families and individuals seeking a high quality of life. In addition, there are lands for sale in Istanbul, specifically in the Arnavutköy area, with stunning views of the Black Sea, the surrounding nature, as well as views of the new Istanbul Canal, and within and near the new city of Yeni Şehir, making it a profitable and wonderful tourist investment destination for those thinking of establishing tourism projects.

Thanks to all these factors, these lands, especially in the New City project and in the Arnavutköy area, are an exciting, profitable, and favorable investment opportunity for investors wishing to benefit from the growth of the real estate market in Turkey.

Has the land sorting been completed ?

The zoning of lands in the new city of Arnavutköy has been largely completed, according to government authorities in Turkey. Many real estate projects have been implemented in the area, indicating ongoing development and growth. The "Yenişehir Evleri Arnavutköy" project is one of the successful residential projects carried out by Emlak Konut, offering housing units with various sizes and affordable prices for citizens. This achievement demonstrates the significant progress in developing the region and improving the quality of life, providing evidence that purchasing land in Istanbul, specifically in this area, is a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity due to its profitable financial returns in the coming period. These lands will witness several important developments in the future. The sixth phase of the zoning has already begun, where the lands have been transformed from agricultural fields to buildable plots. Investors are eagerly awaiting the seventh and final phase, which will commence in the coming months.

What are the financial benefits of buying land in Istanbul ?

Buying lands in carefully selected strategic locations in Istanbul offers high-value and excellent investment opportunities for investors looking to invest in the long term or to build residential, commercial, or tourism projects. These locations are characterized by easy access to main roads and public transportation, and they are also part of strategic government projects such as the new Istanbul Canal, also known as the new Bosphorus Canal, and the New City project (Yeni Şehir). Giant companies such as TOKI and Emlak Konut have already started working on residential and commercial projects within the lands of the new city and near the Istanbul Canal, which increases their investment value. Therefore, buying lands in this area is an ideal option for long-term investment and unparalleled profitable financial returns.

What does MBANY company offer you ?

  • We offer parceled and ready-to-sell land plots in Istanbul, exclusive lands owned by the company. These parceled lands in the Yenişehir area are subject to laws that allow investors to obtain permits for residential construction on them, in accordance with the conditions and instructions announced by the municipality and regulatory authorities. Consequently, investors can build residential, commercial, or tourism projects that bring them profits.
  • The company offers the best investment opportunities for those wishing to achieve rewarding financial returns through selling, buying, and investing in lands surrounding the Istanbul Canal and in Arnavutköy. It is one of the companies that recommends seizing opportunities and investing in these lands. Therefore, those interested in serious real estate investment should take advantage of this opportunity and cooperate with the company to benefit from its expertise and professionalism in this field.

In conclusion,

MBANY Company offers its customers a diverse and exclusive range of lands for sale in Istanbul that cater to various tastes, needs, and budgets. Whether you are looking for land for long-term investment or seeking to invest in land for future construction projects after obtaining building permits from the Istanbul Municipality, the company provides you with the best options that ensure comfort, security, and profitability in your real estate investments.

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