The most prominent construction companies in Türkiye

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There are many construction companies in Turkey...but there are some of them whose name has shone in the Turkish construction market through the projects presented by these companies. The distinctive structural designs are very important and the most important of them is the correct implementation. Each company has its own diamonds in terms of designs that differ from one company to another. Some of them focus on family content, some focus on investing, others focus on central sites, and so on...

It is very important for anyone interested in buying a property in Turkey to take a simple glimpse into the history of the construction company that will buy a property in one of its projects, but why? There are important reasons that the project can be judged by what these companies provided in their previous projects, for example commitment to the delivery date for the apartments, matching the finishes to what has been offered in the case of under construction, and there are many reasons that we will learn about.

MBANY Real Estate In its article today and through its experience in the Turkish real estate market, it identified for you some of the best construction companies in Turkey, which are companies with a big name and include many projects, we will mention them to you with a simple overview of their history, features and most important projects, and we will also summarize the article on construction companies In Turkey with an important question: What should be focused on when researching the history of construction companies?

Before starting to get acquainted with the construction companies, we note an important matter, which is that in this article we will only talk about companies specialized in the field of constructing residential or commercial projects for sale that offer investment opportunities and not large government companies that offer government projects that are not offered for investment and also offer popular projects. For the Turkish people, an example is the leading TOKI company, as in Turkey there are also huge construction companies that have established airports, hospitals, bridges, or …, this type of company is completely different from what we will talk about today, which is “construction companies in Turkey.”

Among the most prominent construction companies in Türkiye are :


Emlak Konut is one of the most important construction companies in Turkey and it is a public joint stock company. It is considered the largest real estate investment fund in Turkey, in addition to being a public company affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Emlak Konut, with its implementation of mega projects, has proven its ability to build entire cities, and this has been achieved by making it Basaksehir and Atasehir are one of the most important residential areas in Istanbul, and the most demanded through the projects it has implemented, which will also make Basaksehir a new center for modern Istanbul with the advent of the Istanbul Water Canal.

Its advantages :

  • No real estate will be sold before the completion of all housing licenses and approvals
  • Emlak Konut exclusively signs all sales contracts in the presence of an official from the Notary Public.
  • Upon completion of the construction of projects immediately, the procedures for issuing the title deed “Tabu” are carried out.
  • The company is known for its commitment when delivering projects at predetermined times.
  • Emlak Konut allows its customers to purchase in comfortable long-term installments.
  • Periodic follow-up of projects on an annual basis.

Some of its projects :

KİPTAŞ Company

One of the most important construction companies in Turkey, the company is interested in building projects and residential buildings, and in 1995 it became fully integrated with the Greater Istanbul Municipality, and established nearly 75 thousand residential properties...

Its advantages :

  • Kabtash projects support social life in its projects by expanding social services.
  • The company is very interested in adding green spaces to its projects.
  • The company is committed to delivering projects at pre-set times.
  • The company's slogan is “construction with the aim of meeting housing needs, not profit only.”
  • Selection of vital sites in the regions of Istanbul.

Some of its projects :

  • The Istanbul Residence project
  • LOKA MAHAL project


İHLAS YAPI is a brilliant name among the construction companies in Turkey, and it has achieved many successful and varied construction projects, including residential complexes, shops, hospitals, and educational complexes. The company's motto is “Trust with sincerity.”

Its advantages :

  • Family content in most of the company's projects in addition to vital services.
  • The large areas of the apartments compared to the projects of other companies.
  • Using the latest global technologies and adding them to projects.
  • Increasing green spaces in projects.
  • The company is known for its commitment when delivering projects at predetermined times.
  • Projects are distributed close to each other as if they are private areas for the company.

Some of its projects :


It is one of the best construction companies in Turkey, it relies on the construction of residential and commercial projects, and it also has interests in energy and logistics. Its name has shined in the recent period when establishing a series of various Babacan projects throughout the city of Istanbul.

Its advantages :

  • Choosing sites close to the main roads for establishing projects.
  • Adding non-stereotypical colors to projects.
  • Projects are characterized by heights and tall towers.
  • Orientation in projects towards obtaining high investment returns.
  • Commitment to delivery dates for the project or apartments alike.

Some of its projects :

NEF International Company

One of the most important construction companies in Turkey, and it is considered one of the international companies that have many projects in several countries such as America, Britain and Kazakhstan. Most of the projects depend on elegant modern designs suitable for the current era.

Its advantages :

  • The company’s reliance on small spaces through the concept of “no need for large spaces” in the coming ages.
  • Importing modern and advanced designs through the company's global presence in most countries.
  • Selection of vital sites and proximity to the main roads.
  • European touches can be found in most of the company's projects.

Some of its projects :


Its name was included among the construction companies in Turkey in investment projects more than housing projects, and it also specializes in constructing large shopping centers. There are centers that you have certainly heard of or visited, such as Perlavista in Beylikdüzü, and Metro Port in Bahçelievler.

Its advantages :

  • Towers and high altitudes.
  • Central locations and close to the main roads.
  • Small spaces and Home Office.
  • Commitment to delivery dates for projects and apartments as well.

Its projects :

  • The famous Sky Port project in Beylikduzu
  • Avenue project
  • GÜL Express project in Basin Express

DAP YAPI company

One of the most important construction companies in Turkey, most of its projects are concentrated in the Asian side of Istanbul. Its projects are based on the concept of “water with nature with the future”, meaning the density of lawns and green spaces with artificial lakes, and finally modern technology.

Its advantages :

  • The depth of the infrastructure of the projects, some of which reached 60 m underground.
  • Building projects in the form of high-rise towers.
  • Integration of green spaces with the watery blue color of the lakes in its projects.
  • Promoting the concept of social integration among the residents of the projects through joint activities.
  • Joint cooperation with government construction companies “Amlak Konut”.
  • Commitment to standards, conditions and timely delivery of projects and apartments of all kinds.

Some of its projects :

  • VALİDEBAĞ project
  • The towers of the ISTMARINA project overlooking the Princes' Islands
  • ORMANKÖY Project
  • Nishantashi Koru Project

What should you focus on when researching the history of construction companies ?

  • Matching the delivery date of previous projects with the date agreed upon when writing the contract.
  • Matching the finishes and standards when handing over the previous apartments with the corresponding ones upon receiving the apartments.
  • Maintenance and periodic follow-up on an annual basis by the construction company for the projects that it built.
  • The content of projects is very important today... For example, if there is a family and children, one should not buy in a project with commercial content!!
  • For high towers, it is necessary to search in the level of the depths of the infrastructure of the projects
  • Projects with investment returns, have they previously committed themselves with their clients to provide these returns, even if there were contracts!!

Certainly there are many construction companies in Turkey that we did not mention in our article, and this does not mean that these companies are not good or that it is not preferable to deal with them. Rather, we mentioned in the article the oldest and largest construction companies in Turkey by virtue of the distinguished projects that they presented and the good reputation when dealing with customers. .

We, MBANY Real Estate Company, hope that we have provided you with a simple picture of some of the best construction companies in Turkey….You can contact us to find out more projects and apartments for sale in Turkey for these and other companies.

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