What should you do after making the decision to live in Turkey

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After making the decision to live in Turkey for a short or long period, whether you buy or rent a house, there are several transactions that you must do before living and starting life in it.

Buying a Turkish SIM card:

You will need to register your Turkish phone number for most subsequent transactions. You can do it from the branches of the communication companies located inside the airport itself, or from the branches located in the shopping centers, or from the authorized agents located in separate places in the neighborhoods of the city.

To complete this process, you need a valid passport and an amount to purchase and activate the SIM.

Output of the tax number (Vergi Numara):

This number is used as a basis in many transactions in Turkey, and it is removed from the civil registry office in the tax number section after submitting the application.

To complete this process, you need a valid passport and register your address in Turkey.

Open bank account:

Any foreigner can open bank accounts in Turkey, but it is necessary and highly recommended because it provides facilities for the account holder to conduct his daily or monthly transactions in Turkey and abroad.

Each bank in Turkey requires its own conditions and certain supporting documents that differ from one bank to another, including:

  • An active passport.
  • Vergi Numara tax number.
  • Telephone number.
  • Proof of address (any official document in which your home address is linked to your name, such as a copy of the title deed of the property “Tapu”, a copy of the lease contract or any invoice with a recent date) whether in Turkey or in your country of origin.
  • Fill out and sign the bank form.

Turkish residence permit (Ikamet Izni):

The application for obtaining a residence permit must be submitted before the expiration of the visa granted to you, on the basis of which entry to Turkey was made. The residence is applied for by making an appointment for the interview, after which you prepare all the required papers mentioned in the form of the appointment that you obtained, and the attendance is on the date and time specified for the appointment at the place specified for you in the appointment request.

There are several types of residence according to the person’s status and the circumstances of his stay in Turkey:

  • Tourist accommodation. The decision to live in Turkey
  • Investor residence.
  • Work stay.
  • Ownership residence.
  • Student residence.
  • family residence

The required papers vary according to the type of residence, but the presence of an effective passport for a period of more than one year is common to all types.

Buying or renting a home:

Turkey offers a wide choice of real estate with great facilities and competitive prices globally, which leaves the choice of buying open and feasible for many foreigners (in the event of a desire to buy, we advise the presence of a real estate consultant to avoid falling into a trap or a mistake in the purchase process). The residence permit can be easily obtained depending on the purchase process and the title deed, with the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship if the necessary conditions are met.

The property can also be rented for a reasonable amount, provided there is a valid residence permit in Turkey. When renting, an insurance amount equivalent to two months' rent is paid in addition to the real estate broker's commission and the first month's rent in advance. In the event of renting in a complex, personal and family data must be registered with the complex’s management.

When buying a property, an earthquake insurance policy (DASK) must be obtained from specialized insurance companies, and in the event of renting a property, this document is requested from the property owner.

Opening water, electricity and gas meters:

This process takes place in the water, electricity and gas establishments, according to the area to which the complex or building belongs.

To finish this process you need the following papers:

  • Tax number or residence permit.
  • Obtaining meter numbers either from the complex management or by photographing the meters on the side of the property.
  • A copy of the lease contract or title deed.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • Pay the insurance amount to the institution according to the area of the property, and it will be refunded when the meters are closed, if there is a bank account.
  • Earthquake Insurance Policy (DASK).

Registering with the Nufus Kayıt Department:

This document includes housing information and the number of family members. This document is required in the following transactions:

  • Requested by the Immigration Department (Wishes) to enter it on the residency application to activate it.
  • Enrollment in school or university.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Establishing and registering a company in Turkey.
  • Municipal profession license.
  • Sometimes it is required when renewing a tourist residence permit.
  • Submit an application for Turkish citizenship.
  • Registration in the United Nations program and registration on immigration to foreign countries.
  • Reunification transactions in Turkey.

A copy of this document shall be submitted to the mukhtar of the area to which the house belongs to register it with him and obtain a paper proving this registration.

Registration at the Family Health Center (Aile Sağlık merkezı):

It is a dispensary located in every neighborhood affiliated with the Ministry of Health and provides general health care services to the residents of the neighborhood registered with it free of charge. Registration is done at the main center for family health, which is often located within the civil society department, and the clinic designated for you is determined according to the availability of vacancies. In order to benefit from this service, you must join the Turkish Social Security Fund (SGK) or have insurance resulting from obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

Purchase of furnishings:

It is known that Turkey is one of the most famous countries in the world in the furniture industry, which gives you many options with different tastes and prices, and the real estate consultant may, in the event of buying a house through him, provide services that facilitate the purchase of furniture with the best and most suitable offers.

Examples of some famous furniture chains in Turkey:

  • Masko.
  • reception (İstikbal).
  • ModaLife.
  • Doğtaş.
  • Elfimo.
  • Çilek.
  • Ikea.
  • And many more.

Important advice about the contracts of Internet and telephone companies in Turkey:

You should pay attention to two important things when signing internet or telephone contracts:

1. The majority of phone/internet company contracts are for two years from signing. It is possible to negotiate with the selling agent to reduce the period to one year with a low probability of response.

2. If you wish to terminate the contract with the internet or telephone company, you must inform the company officially three months before the end of the contract period. In the event that you do not inform, your account remains open and bills accumulate even if you do not use the service until you receive a call from the company's lawyer informing you of the need to pay the accumulated amount, otherwise the case will be transferred to court.



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