Esenyurt district in Istanbul

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Esenyurt is the largest municipality in Istanbul, and it is classified as a municipality that mixes crowded popular life with luxurious and modern life with distinct services. If you are an Arab visiting for the first time, you will spare no effort to search for Arab restaurants or Arab markets, because it is considered one of the most favorite areas among Arabs. . Esenyurt was established as an independent municipality on 03/22/2008, and as for urban expansion, it began to accelerate and constitute an urban revolution beginning in 2010, as new projects spread throughout the region. 

Where is Esenyurt located ? 

Esenyurt is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it is located in a privileged location between the two lakes of Kucukcekmece and Lake Buyukcekmece. It is bordered to the east by Avcilar, to the south by Beylikduzu, while to the north it is bordered by Basaksehir and Bahcesehir. Its area is 2,770 square kilometers divided into It includes 44 neighborhoods, and it extends over a spider-connecting node that connects parts of the city through Esenyurt. It is only 30 km away from Taksim and the famous Istiklal Street. Its location is attractive for investment and the purchase of homes in it due to its proximity to the Istanbul Canal project and Istanbul International Airport, which is 45 km away. 

Services in Esenyurt 

Esenyurt occupies the first place in terms of population density in Istanbul, and its square, which brings together various races and nationalities, is considered one of the most famous squares in Istanbul. The region also contains many Arab, international and Turkish schools for sure, and contains 5 ancient universities as well. The Esenyurt region also contains Many famous shopping centers, many private and public governmental hospitals, dozens of medical centers, and dental and implant centers.

The most prominent landmarks of the Esenyurt region

  • Esenyurt Square : It constitutes a clear picture of the nature of the region and the diversity of its cultures, as it is one of the most active areas in Esenyurt, and it has a high demand for shopping or dining in its restaurants with different cuisines, and the square decorates the Esenyurt Central Mosque.
  • Erdogan Park: Erdogan Park in Esenyurt is known for its water bodies, artificial waterfalls, and beautiful green spaces. The park also provides an enjoyable and active place for hiking, walking, and various sports, as it extends over an area of about 77,000 square meters.
  • Culture and Arts Center in Esenyurt: The cultural center is located in Ochevler district, and it is the largest cultural and artistic center in Esenyurt, where seminars, concerts, and plays for adults and children are held.
  • Aqua Dolphin Water Resort in Esenyurt: located in the Esenkent district, it is the largest water park in Istanbul, with slides and fun swimming pools, attracting great interest from locals and foreigners coming to Istanbul.
  • Thermal Therapy Center in Esenyurt: It is located in the Ataturk district, and it is a tourist facility known to be good for lower back pain, joint diseases and rheumatism. There, hot water rich in minerals is treated, as it positively affects the immune system, metabolism, cardiovascular systems, kidneys, and urinary tract.
  • Chocolate Museum in Esenyurt: It opened its doors in 2013, and takes you on an adventure that begins with the history of the chocolate industry. It contains hundreds of things made of chocolate, including Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, and the Chocolate Village. In addition, there is a chocolate workshop for children.

Transportation in Esenyurt

  • The E5 and E80 highways are the lifeblood of Istanbul, and they pass at the northern and southern ends of Esenyurt, and they are among the most important roads leading from it to the city center and Istanbul International Airport.
  • The metrobus passes from the Esenyurt area via the E5 road, which is considered one of the fastest means of transportation in the city, as it connects the Asian and European parts of Istanbul to each other.
  • The area is characterized by its proximity to the TEM road and its associated roads, which facilitates access to it from all parts of the city.
  • The metro is being worked on paving its way through the lands of Esenyurt, which will connect it to the city center in record time.

Advantages of housing in the Esenyurt area

 In recent years, the Esenyurt region has turned into one of the most vital areas, due to the many features that prompted investors and many groups of society to reside or invest in it. The following are the most important features of housing in the Esenyurt region :

  • Its acceptable location in terms of proximity and speed to the city center.
  • Its real estate prices are appropriate and competitive with other regions.
  • New services and infrastructure available around the clock.
  • The vital and highway network that serves it.
  • Esenyurt is also known for its popular cheap markets.
  • It contains many shopping centers such as :
    • Akbati Mall: which contains many shops, international brands, a cinema, many restaurants and cafes.
    • Marmara Park Mall: The famous Mall contains dozens of international brands, shops and restaurants.
    • Torium Mall: In addition to shops, it contains various entertainment games, a car racing circuit, and ice skating rinks.
  • There are many Arab and international schools, such as the Iraqi International School, Ihsan International School and others.
  • It provides dozens of governmental, private and university hospitals, such as Istinye University Hospital and Esenjan Private Hospital.
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