Ümraniye district in Istanbul

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Ümraniye district in Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful and vital areas of the city, as this city pulses with life and work around the clock, and is witnessing unprecedented population and economic growth that highlights it significantly in recent times, as the region is considered the center of the Asian section of Istanbul, and the area that gathers It is surrounded by famous areas, making it the home of business on the Asian side of Istanbul. The region consists of 6 municipalities, 4 villages, and 14 residential neighborhoods, with a total area of 22,000 hectares. It was named in relation to the urban development witnessed by the region since ancient times, as it is the forerunner in the art of architecture and construction. With the emergence of the first features of the Turkish Republic, it was urban belonging to the region. Uskudar is treated as one of its villages, but specifically in the year 1960 AD, the village turned into a thriving industrial area, and with its increasing attraction to residents and workers, it was declared in 1989 AD as an administratively independent region that has its own municipality and a distinctive character from other Turkish regions.

Location :

If we come to determine the location of an Ümraniye district more accurately, we inform you that the areas that surround it are, Beykoz, the area where villas and lands are spread in abundance, as it is the area of green nature and sea views, as well as the elegant Cekmekoy area, which is crowded with advanced residential projects and those innovative services, also the Sancaktepe area The center of contemporary projects and international brands and the home of future investment, in addition to the Atasehir area, in which housing is available at reasonable and reasonable prices, suitable for people with limited incomes, and finally the Uskudar area, which brings urban proximity to the European section of Istanbul and enjoys wonderful Bosphorus views, and you should not forget that it is close to Silla The tourist area immersed in nature and wonderful scenery with a calm atmosphere, and close to Kadikoy, where fresh fish restaurants, historical places and the prevailing Western system. Its strategic location makes it densely populated and directs a number of businessmen to implement their projects there.

Climate and weather :

Perhaps the most important characteristic of Ümraniye district is that it is a region that mediates many natural terrains, which in turn is reflected in its climate, as Ümraniye district combines the climate of the Mediterranean region and the climate of the Black Sea region, so that its climate takes on a remarkable specificity. The Mediterranean, and in the rest of the seasons, the region is affected by the coastal climate coming from the nearby Gulf, in addition to the mountainous climate coming from the series of highlands that surround it to the west, represented by the Chamca hills, so that the prevailing climate is characterized by moderation.

Transportation in an Ümraniye area

The transportation network in the Umraniye region is strong and interconnected, as the region is close to one of the most important highways in Istanbul (E80), in addition to the passage of the metro line connecting the regions of Uskudar and Sancaktepe through it, and in the north it is on the road leading to the well-known tourist coasts of Silla, in addition to that There are internal transport buses on many lines identified by the Public Transport Directorate to cover all urban areas, this is with regard to land transport, and there are many stations and means of transport related to sea and air transport, not to mention the transport and communications projects that are being implemented today from metro lines and new buses to meet the needs of the region With the opening of new investment projects.

Recreational and tourist places in the Ümraniye area

If you reside in Ümraniye area of Istanbul or plan to visit it, here are some of the tourist attractions and interesting places that you should visit :

  • Historical palaces : With the succession of civilizations in the region, a clear contrast appeared in its features and palaces, which constituted an additional beauty on it. annually.
  • Forests and green spaces : Considering that the Ümraniye area is famous for its vegetation, which later became a factor of attraction to visit it, there are some of the landmarks associated with it, including the Şile Yolo Forest, which is one of the largest natural forests in Istanbul, and includes countless trees and plants, and councils are located in it. Wooden, walking paths, and many vehicles. It is characterized by the fact that entry to it is completely free without any fees, which makes it a tourist picnic area for adults and children. There is also an Ümraniye park that was established 14 years ago, with a total area of ​​330,000 square meters. It is characterized by beautiful landscapes and has been constantly developed. It has artificial lakes, barbecue places, and bicycle and walking paths.

services in the Ümraniye area

The overpopulation of the region prompted the availability of all needs, as the Turkish government was keen to provide a variety of services to serve the residents and visitors of the Umraniye region, so there were shopping centers, malls, supermarkets, and various stores, and bank branches and ATMs were everywhere, and schools spread in the primary, preparatory and secondary stages, and spread Governmental institutions and departments, and cultural and recreational facilities such as libraries, educational centers, cinemas, theaters, gardens, and parks were present. There are also health centers, hospitals, sports centers, and everything that would meet the needs of the residents of an Ümraniye area.

Note that many international companies have taken their headquarters in Ümraniye , and this was only because of the region's strength and being central.

Advantages of housing and investment in an urban area

  • Ümraniye area is characterized by its strong infrastructure and integrated services that make the population in it constantly increasing, because of the vegetation cover that the area possesses over vast areas. These green spaces have been given attention and care to become points of attraction in every sense of the word, despite the Ümraniye development and renaissance Real estate, which is recognized for it, but it did not dispense with its green spaces or replace them with real estate projects at all, and this in turn enhanced the value of the real estate projects adjacent to these spaces, as they became parallel to those European properties that are always associated with green spaces and the surrounding nature.
  • The projects of Ümraniye area are characterized by their modernity and remarkable sophistication, not to mention the recreational and cultural facilities attached to them. Speaking of their features, we find that every simple detail is an advantage on its own. We do not deny the beauty of the simultaneous exterior and interior design of smart systems and modern touches that make life easier. Entering into the details, the buildings are distinguished It is environmentally friendly as it relies entirely on alternative energy sources and we add to that advanced insulation systems, and most of its buildings are equipped with anti-earthquake and natural disaster systems implemented by the best leading companies in the Turkish construction market.
  • There are additional influences that enhanced the value of real estate investment in Ümraniye area, the most important of which is the proximity to the Istanbul International Money Center and the vicinity of the Uskudar metro line, and we should not forget that the nature of the region, its climate, and its positioning among 4 central regions in the country significantly increased its real estate investments.
  • The increasing demand today for Ümraniye district, with its large investment projects, will undoubtedly lead to an increase in real estate prices, especially with the development of infrastructure in the region, and it is a unique investment opportunity for those who wish to own real estate and invest in Turkey. The investor achieved a large and guaranteed profit in one of the most promising cities.
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