How can Sudanese obtain real estate residency or Turkish citizenship

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Recently, Sudanese have begun to migrate outside Sudan on a very large scale, especially after the events that the country has witnessed since 2019, in search of safety and stability to live a decent life, especially after the economic and political destabilization that thousands of Sudanese people suffered from. Turkey, especially... Istanbul is the safety valve and the first choice for major Sudanese investors.

Thousands of Sudanese from various segments come to Turkey every year, including students to study, merchants to invest, patients to receive treatment, and tourists who come for tourism and recreation, as Turkey has a strong economic backbone and high security, and Sudanese investors go in large numbers to areas where Arabs live in a large proportion. For some investors who intend to live in family housing, they go to areas such as Bahçeşehir and Beylikduzu, while others choose investment housing in areas such as Kağıthane and Gaziosmanpaşa, because these areas are distinguished by their proximity to tourist attractions and their distinguished location in the center of Istanbul.

Types of residency granted by Türkiye to Sudanese :

The Turkish government offers several types of residency for Sudanese, such as tourist residency, family residency, and real estate residency, and Sudanese can obtain it after obtaining the appropriate visa and submitting the required identification documents. Those wishing to reside in Turkey must comply with the laws and decisions issued in this regard, and adhere to the period specified for each type of residence. Residency in Turkey is legally available to Sudanese and is permitted in accordance with the laws issued in this regard.

Several types of residency are available to Sudanese in Turkey in addition to what was mentioned above, which are: work, study, investors, scientific research and student exchange, merchant, studying the Turkish language, vocational training, and medical. Sudanese can benefit from these residencies according to the conditions and requirements specified for each type.

Tourist accommodation :

Sudanese can apply for a tourist residency to visit Turkey for a specific period. Tourist residency in Turkey for Sudanese is characterized by several advantages, as its holders are granted the right to enter and leave Turkey freely, and to open a bank account in any Turkish or international bank located in Turkey. They are also allowed to own a property and open the necessary invoices for it, whether for housing or work once they obtain tourist residency. In addition, the children of holders are granted the right to free education, are allowed to establish a company and obtain a work permit in it, in addition to the possibility of buying and owning cars and obtaining a driver’s license. To obtain tourist residency in Turkey, Sudanese must enter Turkey with a passport stamped from the airport, book an appointment to submit the required papers, secure these papers, and submit them within a period of no less than two months after entering Turkey and before the end of the 90-day period. Required documents include the application form, passport and its translation, 4 personal photos, proof of residence with a house rental contract, receipt for payment of fees, health insurance, tax number, a copy of the family book, or a family registration document for minor children, translated and certified.

Real estate residency :

Real estate residency in Turkey for Sudanese is a short-term residency (one year) that is renewed upon its expiration. It is granted to the woman who owns a property in Turkey, and it is also granted to his wife and children under the age of 18 years. The features of real estate residency share the features of tourist residency in general, in terms of the duration of stay and the right to enter and exit Turkey, but renewing real estate residency is stronger than other types of residency. Conditions for real estate residency include that the value of the property should not be less than $200,000 in all cities of Turkey, obtaining a title deed and registering the property. The required papers include a property ownership document, a translated family booklet, a valid passport, an application, a bank account, a monthly income, personal photos, and a health and earthquake insurance document (DASK).

Real estate residency is considered the best type of residency in Turkey and the most guaranteed in terms of acceptance or renewal rates.

Sudanese students and workers in Türkiye :

Sudanese students can apply for a study residence permit to pursue their education in Turkish universities. In addition, Sudanese with valid job offers can apply for work residency in Turkey. Sudanese wishing to obtain residency in Turkey should familiarize themselves with the requirements for each type of residency and the conditions required to obtain it.

Sudanese and Turkish nationality :

Sudanese can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership in Turkey, where they are allowed to own all types of real estate such as apartments, villas, hotels, and warehouses. In addition, they have the right to purchase agricultural, residential and commercial land.

What are the papers required of Sudanese for the purpose of real estate ownership ?

To apply for real estate ownership, the Sudanese investor needs some papers and procedures, such as obtaining a tax number from Turkey, translating the passport into the Turkish language and having it authenticated by the notary, submitting personal photos, and a currency exchange or purchase document (DAB). The concerned party can also authorize the Sudanese investor to carry out real estate ownership procedures, whether in his presence in person or by sending an officially authorized person. The other person can be authorized either through a notary public or Turkish embassies abroad.

What do we offer you ?

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