Kartal district in Istanbul

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Kartal district is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul and on the Asian side of it. It is also considered one of the areas with high investment value. In the last decade, Kartal has become a center of attraction for major real estate development companies in Turkey, due to its beautiful nature, clean air and very distinctive sea view. That is why huge urban projects were established in it, which provide apartments for sale in Istanbul with the highest standards of luxury and comfort, with a distinctive sea view. The area was developed and designed as an industrial area in the early years of the Turkish Republic, and it turned into one of the central residential areas in Istanbul, especially during the eighties of the last century, and according to this transformation, cultural life developed rapidly.

Naming it:

Kartal during the Byzantine rule was a village inhabited by fishermen, and the village was called in the days of this rule by the name of Kartaliman, and the word Kartal in the Turkish language means the eagle, or the name of Mount Aydos, which means in Greek the eagle, was Turkified, so it became the eagle in Turkish as well. It should be noted that the summit of Mount Aydos is the highest point in Istanbul.

Location :

The Kartal region is one of the 39 municipalities of Istanbul, as it is located in the Asian section of the city, and it is the only region in Istanbul that is unparalleled for its coastal strip, as the region is the closest point from mainland Istanbul to the wonderful Princesses Islands. The municipality of Kartal consists of 19 localities and districts. It is located to the east of the municipality of Maltepe, and to the south of the municipality of Sancaktepe. It is bordered to the east by the municipality of Pendik and to the south by the Sea of Marmara.

Weather and climate :

Kartal enjoys a beautiful climate, as it is located between the rainy climate of the Black Sea, and the moderate climate of the Mediterranean, so the transition from winter to spring and from summer to autumn is often not noticed, and its relative distance from the city center gave it a quiet atmosphere that made it a suitable area for housing for those looking for calm and comfort.

Transportation :

Kartal is connected to other areas of Istanbul by various types of transportation (sea, railway and highway). The first sea transport port for citizens was established in Kartal, where to this day it provides sea bus service to the Princes' Islands and Yalova. Kartal is easily connected to various vital facilities in Istanbul, as it is only 15 km away from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, and the D100 road passes through it leading to the July 15 Martyrs Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and thus the European part of the city. The metro line (Kadikoy - Tavshan Tepe) or M4 passes from Kartal, which serves Kartal with 4 stations, and the Marmaray line, which connects the far east of Istanbul to its far west and passes from Kartal with 5 stations, in addition to buses and buses that reach Kartal in various parts of the city.

Schools , universities and hospitals :

Schools and universities are the same as other areas of Istanbul. The region has an educational structure whose merit is not underestimated, due to the surrounding universities and private and government schools, in order to provide integrated education for all academic groups, and among the most famous universities in the Kartal region:

  • Istanbul Gedik Private University
  • Marmara University Campus

The Kartal region also contains many public and private hospitals, in addition to the presence of specialized medical centers. Among the most famous hospitals in the region are:

  • Yacacık Maternity and Pediatric Hospital
  • Tuzla State Hospital
  • Megapol Hospital
  • Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Hospital

Tourist and recreational areas :

  • Kartal Coast : The Kartal coastal strip, which extends approximately 8 km, is considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Istanbul, as it contains gardens, walking paths, and bicycle paths.
  • Aydos Forest and Mount : It is a forest, the majority of which is made up of pine trees, and it is the place that the residents of the region prefer and go to from all parts of Istanbul for hiking and in all seasons to enjoy its fresh air. Within the forest is the summit of Mount Aydos, which is the highest point in Istanbul. It also includes the large Aydos Lake, and it is also possible to take a walk in the designated walking path among the trees.
  • Dragos Hill : It is the best place in Istanbul from which one can see the Princes' Islands. This hill, or as it is called "Istanbul's balcony", is dotted with residential buildings with a villa system, which attracts many tourists in summer.
  • Fairy Tales Museum : It is the only museum of its kind in Turkey, in which all the heroes of fairy tales and world narratives are embodied in stone statues. This museum belongs to the municipality of Kartal and entry to it is free throughout the week. It is a fun place for children and families and a beautiful destination to spend the day off. The museum is one of the entertainment venues established by the Kartal municipality, as well as the Kartal Square, and the skateboarding arena, which are also places worth visiting.

Advantages of investment and housing in the Uskudar area

  • The region is a preferred destination for high-end real estate ownership in Istanbul, due to the quality of the real estate projects in it, in addition to the climatic and aesthetic qualities that distinguish it, its distinctive calmness, and its stunning views of the Marmara Sea.
  • The integration of its services and the development of its infrastructure, as the region is full of commercial centers and service facilities that cover all life needs. The sea side of the Kartal region has exceptional unparalleled views, and it also contains a group of huge buildings with exceptional designs that provide apartments for sale in Istanbul of high quality.
  • During the last decade, Kartal has become a center of attraction for major real estate development companies in Turkey, due to its beautiful nature, clean air, and sea views that are not replicated elsewhere in Istanbul. That is why huge urban projects were established in it, which provide the highest standards of luxury and comfort, with a distinctive sea view.
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