Types of investment lands in Türkiye

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Land is one of the most important things that can be invested in in Turkey, especially with the government allowing foreigners to own real estate and land – with the exception of some nationalities, which opens the way widely for investors from all over the world, and below we learn about the types of lands that can be used in different Types of real estate in Turkey :

Farm lands :

Investments in agricultural land in Turkey are particularly important, as agriculture is one of the vital sectors of the Turkish economy, providing employment opportunities for many rural residents. Investing in agricultural lands contributes to providing the necessary foodstuffs for the population and helps in enhancing food security in the country. Turkey enjoys vast areas of agricultural land, and produces a wide range of crops in large quantities and with high quality. Agricultural exports constitute a large part of Turkey's total exports, which makes investing in agricultural lands in Turkey a good investment opportunity for investors. The Turkish government provides the necessary support to the agricultural sector, as it is interested in providing the necessary water for irrigation and developing the transport and storage infrastructure. The government also provides many financing programs and tax incentives for investors in the agricultural sector. In general, investing in agricultural lands in Türkiye represents a good opportunity for investors. In the event that you buy agricultural land in Turkey, you should know that you cannot build on it and it will be registered in the land title ( Tabu ) as agricultural land with the title Bahçe tarla, and this means that it is intended for agriculture only and not for any type of construction except for some places that allow the construction of wooden houses within the agricultural land But with a small area and varies according to the state and municipality, but does not exceed more than 15% of the land area, so if you want to buy land in Turkey, you have to ask about the type of land, the possibility of building on it, and how much space is allowed for building, if any.

Residential and construction lands : 

Turkey has an active and diversified real estate market, and residential and urban lands are among the main real estate assets in this market. In Turkey, there are a large number of huge and diverse urban projects targeting all segments of society, such as luxury apartments, residential complexes, villas, commercial projects, and hotels. Residential lands in Turkey are characterized by a distinctive geographical location, as they are located at the intersection of three continents (Asia, Europe and Africa), and they also enjoy a mild climate and a picturesque natural environment. And under the abundance of residential land in Turkey in different sizes and shapes, ranging from small apartments to large villas. As for the urban lands in Turkey, these lands are witnessing great interest from real estate investors, as there are lucrative investment opportunities. The prices of urban lands in Turkey range from medium to high, depending on the location, size and potential use of the land. Istanbul, the largest and most populous city in Turkey, occupies a prominent position in the urban land market, as the city witnesses a great turnout from real estate investors who want to buy land and invest in major real estate projects. There are many huge and diverse urban projects in Istanbul, and in Istanbul there are luxurious and innovative real estate projects that include modern technologies and designs such as smart apartments and green complexes. In addition to Istanbul, other Turkish cities such as Antalya, Izmit, Bursa, Trabzon, Izmir and others are witnessing great interest from real estate investors, as In these cities, there are profitable investment opportunities in residential and urban lands. Foreign investors can obtain real estate lands in Turkey and buy real estate with ease, according to real estate laws and regulations that allow full ownership of real estate by foreigners in Turkey, and it can be said that residential and urban lands in Turkey constitute an essential part of the active and diversified real estate market in the country, as it provides opportunities A profitable investment for local and foreign real estate investors.
The residential land that is suitable for building in the title deed ( Tabu ) is named Arsa, and the percentage of the allowed area for building, the type of building, and the number of building floors are recorded on it. Therefore, in the event of purchasing a land designated for housing, attention must be paid to the title deed and to ask about the permitted area for building.

Industrial and commercial lands :
Türkiye is one of the most attractive countries to invest in industrial and commercial lands. It is strategically located on the Mediterranean frontage and focuses on transportation, logistics, manufacturing and trade. Türkiye also has some major ports in the region, making it a hub for international trade.
Many investment opportunities are available in industrial lands in Turkey, where the government offers many advantages and tax exemptions to investors, and industrial lands provide integrated infrastructure, such as water, electricity, communications and roads, which makes it an attractive place for investment.
In addition to industrial lands, there are also commercial lands in Turkey, which means lands that can be used for real estate investment purposes, such as hotels, commercial complexes, and residential areas. The investment lands in Turkey are distinguished by their good and central location, in addition to the availability of basic services and government facilities for investors. In order to achieve success in investing in industrial and investment lands in Turkey, investors must evaluate the market, study competition, local and global needs, and make appropriate decisions regarding the appropriate investment for them. Investors must work well with local government and institutions, meet local and global business needs, and develop good relationships with business partners and customers. Moreover, investors can benefit from the support and financing programs offered by the Turkish government to foreign investors. Among these programs, we can mention the "Investment in Turkey" program, which provides facilities for foreign investors to invest in industrial and investment lands in Turkey, including logistical support, customs facilities, assistance in obtaining licenses and other administrative procedures.
In the end, it can be said that investing in industrial and commercial lands in Turkey represents a good opportunity for investors who want to take advantage of the advantages of the emerging Turkish market and the positive economic developments in the country. By evaluating the market and identifying suitable opportunities, investors can achieve success in investing in industrial and investment lands in Turkey.

Advantages offered by the Turkish government to invest in industrial lands in Türkiye :

  • Exemption from real estate tax for a period of 5 years for investment industrial lands.
    KDV Exemption.
  • Reducing public utility bills such as internet, electricity, water and gas for industrial lands.
  • Providing an exemption from municipal taxes in which the land is located.
  • Exemption from the construction operations tax and the industrial facilities use tax.

Conditions for foreign ownership of land in Türkiye
There are many conditions that must be met when wanting to buy land in Turkey, at a time when foreigners are entitled to own property in the country according to the law that was issued in the year 2012 AD, provided that the ownership takes place according to the following conditions :

  • The land to be purchased should not be close to a sensitive military facility.
  • Not owning agricultural land for a period of more than two years, without establishing an agricultural project on it during this period.
  • The agricultural land desired to be owned should not exceed 300,000 square meters, as a foreigner is not entitled to that.
  • The land area owned by the foreigner in one of the places should not be more than 10% of the total area of the region.

If you want to invest in Istanbul by buying real estate, you should think seriously about buying land in Istanbul and investing it agriculturally, residentially or industrially, because its profits exceed the profits of ordinary residential apartments, but it needs long patience and not for a short period, as it needs the longest possible time to get the largest profit return The longer you delay in selling the land, the higher its price, especially if the infrastructure updates reach the land near your land. Therefore, think about buying land, as there is no one who manufactures more lands. It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship in the event of buying land in Turkey at a price equal to 400,000 US dollars, according to Turkish law, which gives the right to a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for an investment of $ 400,000, but it must be noted that the real estate evaluation of the land must be equal to 400,000 $ and not its price. Just.

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